Guidelines & Quality

ACC Medical Professionalism

CME and MOC: 1.5

Test your knowledge of medical professionalism with this 30-question ABIM-quality module.

Item Number: 7208


Antithrombotic Guideline: Acute VTE Treatment

CME and MOC: 1.5

Learn how to summarize available anticoagulant treatment options for acute VTE and select an appropriate anticoagulant.

Item Number: 92347.11


Antithrombotic Guideline: New Areas

CME and MOC: 1.25

Learn how to create a process for long-term VTE treatment, decide whether to offer anticoagulant therapy to patients, and more.

Item Number: 92347.12


Antithrombotic Guideline: Thrombolysis

CME and MOC: 1.25

Learn how to weigh the risk of thrombolysis against likelihood of benefit and decide on best thrombolytic therapy for patients.

Item Number: 92347.13


Cough Guidelines: Occupational & Environmental Factors

CME and MOC: 1.5

Learn about key areas in the new guidelines for Occupational and Environmental Contributions to Chronic Cough in Adults. This e-learning course includes three self- directed modules using illustrative clinical cases.

Item Number: 92346.1


Guideline Methodology: Developing PICO Questions

CME and MOC: .5

Develop the skills to produce expert clinical practice guidelines and consensus statements with this e-learning module.

Item Number: 92348.2


Webinar: EBUS-TBNA Guideline February 2016 On Demand

CME and MOC: 5.5

Review the latest release of the evidence-based CHEST Guideline and Expert Panel Report: Technical Aspects of Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA).

Item Number: 92345.1

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