CHEST Challenge US 2018
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CHEST Challenge 2018

CHEST Challenge is a fun and exciting competition in which CHEST fellows-in-training compete against programs around the country for honor and prizes! The first round of the competition this year will consist of two parts; in addition to the traditional online quiz, there will be a number of social media challenges, as outlined in the following rules. The aggregate score for both of these components will be used to identify the top three-scoring teams. The top three teams will then be invited to send three fellows each to the CHEST Challenge Championship, a Jeopardy-style game show that takes place live during the CHEST Annual Meeting.

CHEST Challenge Championship

The three top-scoring programs from the first round will compete in the CHEST Challenge Championship at the CHEST 2018 Annual Meeting. Three players from these teams will receive:

  • FREE registration for CHEST 2018 in San Antonio, TX
  • Airfare and complimentary hotel for 3 nights for CHEST 2018
  • FREE registration to a CHEST Board Review Course/On Demand
  • Cash prizes for training program


The teams ranking between fourth and tenth from the first round of play will be recognized as CHEST Challenge Top Performers at the CHEST Challenge Championship, to be played live during CHEST 2018. Three players from these teams will also win:

  • FREE registration to a CHEST Board Review 2018 course OR access to a Board Review On Demand product
  • FREE registration for CHEST 2018
  • Certificate documenting program achievement

The teams ranking between eleventh and twenty-fifth from the first round of play will win:

  • One FREE copy of the most recent CHEST SEEK™ book of the training program director’s choice (pulmonary, critical care, or sleep)


  • Decisions of the CHEST Challenge judges are FINAL in all disputes.
  • Players must be physicians-in-training at the time of their involvement; senior fellows who participate in the first round but graduate prior to CHEST 2018 may not represent their program at the live competition although their scores will be utilized to determine whether the program qualifies for prizes.
  • It is at the discretion of the training program director for each team how the prizes are distributed to trainees within the program.
  • Each training program director is responsible for encouraging rules compliance; any rules infraction by a player from a program may lead to disqualification of the entire program from this year’s competition.
  • Fellowship programs that have been finalists in the prior year are not eligible to become finalists for this year’s competition although they will be eligible for other prizes.

Round One

Social Media Participation

  • The social media competition will begin in early February and run through early May, with final dates to be determined.
  • Players should follow @accpchest on Twitter and watch for the #CHESTChallenge2018 hashtag for challenges and updates.
  • When challenges are sent out, programs will be given between one day and one week to respond (this will be stipulated in the challenge tweet).
  • Responses should include the requested information, as well as tagging your institution (either @ or # is fine) and CHEST (@accpchest). Tweet or Instagram post must include #CHESTChallenge2018 hashtag.
  • Only the first response per program per challenge will be counted toward the competition.

Online Play

  • The online competition will begin in late March and run through early May, with final dates to be determined.
  • Players will not be allowed to take the online exam more than once per year, nor will they be permitted to go back to review or revise responses while taking the online test.
  • An unanswered or skipped question will be counted as an incorrect answer.
  • Players will have a maximum of 60 minutes to answer 50 questions.
  • Each trainee must take the test individually without any assistance (books, Internet, additional persons, or any other forms of help are prohibited during the taking of the test).
  • Scores will be determined based on the number of correct questions and the amount of time used; the team score will consist of the top two scores from each program. Additional scores beyond the top two scores will not count toward or against the team score.
  • All scores are confidential. No one else—not even your program director—will get the results.

Note: CHEST does not authorize any copying, reproduction, disclosing, or otherwise sharing of any CHEST Challenge questions or related content.