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Leadership development is of paramount importance to us. Our members become leaders who are prepared to advance our goals and initiatives and be leaders within their own communities and institutions. We seek to inspire, train, mentor, and galvanize our new leaders.

Career Mentoring

Mentoring is a critical component of leadership development, requiring a concerted effort and commitment on all sides—mentor, mentee, and organization. We make this commitment to our members: leadership development is of paramount importance, and we will seek, through several methods and programs, to inspire, train, mentor, and galvanize our future leadership.

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Our goals are to provide each member with the opportunities and resources necessary to become excellent teachers, clinicians, and scholars, to foster active participation and progress in our organization, and to develop exemplary ambassadors of CHEST at local, regional, and national levels.

On the “Resources” tab are links to websites and recommended reading to assist in your development as a leader. If you are seeking to increase your involvement, see the list of suggestions on the “How to Get Involved” tab. Review the FAQs to learn the process for getting elected to a committee, what opportunities are available for research funding, the differences between our President’s and CEO’s responsibilities, and so much more.

At the suggestion of Dr. Robbie Johnson, Past President of CHEST, we have compiled a collection of mentoring vignettes from our members, each with its own “leadership point,” encouraging others to apply the lesson learned to their own professional career. Our leaders have also contributed their own involvement stories, chronicling their participation from joining CHEST to where they are today.

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Mentoring Vignettes

CHEST Stories