10 Takeaways from Flu Reddit AMA with Drs. Chris Carroll and Jay Patel

By: Vanessa Claude

February 8, 2018

On Friday, January 26, Drs. Chris Carroll, pediatric critical care physician, and Jayshil Patel, pulmonary intensivist, led an Ask me Anything (AMA) for the Reddit community on the flu. The AMA was held in the heart of a particularly severe flu season and discussion was filled with questions from users interested in better understanding the the causes, symptoms, and ways to treat and prevent the Flu. Here are a few highlights from questions that were asked.

1. The hunt for Patient Zero (the incubation period of the flu).

2. The difference between the flu and the common cold.

3. Is there a possible occurrence of having the flu followed by strep throat?

4. Early symptoms of the flu while having COPD.

5. What’s with all the flu hype?

6. Is it over yet?

7. The different strains of influenza.

8. The value of getting a flu shot.

9. The stomach flu is not the same as influenza.

10. How long a flu shot remains effective in your body.

Don’t forget to read the Science AMA.

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