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3D Bronch App

Experience the 3D Bronch training app, featuring interactive 3D anatomy and real internal images. The app is designed for the interactive learning of the bronchial tree, lymph nodes, and pulmonary vasculature. It is also useful for clinicians who want to show patients the anatomy related to bronchial procedures or for other matters related to pulmonary vasculature.

This app is no longer available for new sales.

Feature List

  • Intuitive 3D anatomy training model
  • Pulmonary artery, aorta, and lymph nodes
  • Real internal images of the bronchial tree
  • Rotate and zoom functions
  • Opacity functions
  • Terms and labels
  • Highlight segments
  • Search function

Screenshot from CHEST's 3D Bronch App
Screenshot from CHEST's 3D Bronch App