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Embargo Policies and Media Guidelines

Journal CHEST®

CHEST Full Issues: Full issues of CHEST are officially published during the first week of each month. Articles and supplements in each monthly edition that do not appear in the Online First section are embargoed until they are published in a numbered issue or supplement issue of CHEST, unless otherwise specified. For an issue release date, contact

CHEST Online First: CHEST publishes Original Research and select articles in its Online First section. These papers represent the raw, unedited, accepted manuscripts. Final versions will appear in a numbered issue. The media embargo for these articles is lifted at the date of publication in the Online First section at 12:01 am CT, though readers are encouraged to check back to view the final article in the regular issue of CHEST, as substantive changes may occur.


CHEST Annual Meeting

The CHEST Annual Meeting will take place October 6 to 9 in Boston. Press are welcomed to register to attend.

Embargo policy
All scientific information presented at CHEST 2024, including abstracts, posters, case reports, and special presentations, is embargoed until 12:01 am EST on Monday, September 30, 2024, unless otherwise noted. A link to embargoed copies of press releases and a complete press kit will be emailed to all approved media representatives.

CHEST Annual Meeting abstracts will be published on the journal CHEST® website ahead of the meeting.


Interview requests
Contact CHEST Media Relations at to discuss interview opportunities.

In some cases, a scientist presenting data that are soon to be published may be unable to provide additional information because of constraints imposed by the publisher. In these instances, CHEST will help identify and arrange interviews with independent experts on the subject whenever possible.

Reproduction of images, graphs, and other visual representations
Content presented during the meeting is strictly copyrighted, and use of imagery or visual representations of data, audio, and video recording is strictly prohibited without the written consent of CHEST. Failure to get permission and provide evidence of this, and failure to provide accurate accreditation, will result in a breach of copyright.

Recording, filming, and screenshots
CHEST retains exclusive rights to all media capture. Videotaping, recording, or screen capture of any educational session, data, demonstration, roundtable, or any aspect of the CHEST 2024 educational program is limited to news reporting purposes only. This would include, but is not limited to, recorded segments of a presentation for the purpose of b-roll footage.

Social media
CHEST permits and encourages the use of social media, such as Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram, and blogging as a way to summarize, highlight, excerpt, review, critique, and/or promote the presented materials, the content expert, or the conference in general, provided that:

  1. the material is not shared in full, and
  2. the author or speaker is referenced and cited appropriately in each case.

Please keep in mind that our presenters have invested many hours in the development of this material, and copyright laws apply.

We encourage media participants to follow, mention, and share with CHEST on:

X | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | The journal CHEST on X

Tag mentions to CHEST at @accpchest, and use the hashtag #CHEST2024 for posts related to CHEST 2024.

Following an X account or including an account in an X list does not constitute a CHEST endorsement; the same applies to retweeting messages or marking them as “favorites.”

CHEST brand standards
Please refer to us as the American College of Chest Physicians® (CHEST) on first reference and CHEST thereafter. If you are referencing the meeting, the official title is the CHEST Annual Meeting 2024. If you are referencing the journal, please use “the journal CHEST®.”

Use of the CHEST logo in all its variations and use of the CHEST Annual Meeting 2024 logo is prohibited without expressed written permission from CHEST. Credentialed press who fail to comply with these guidelines will forfeit their press credentials.

Press list
CHEST does not share lists of registered media for CHEST 2024 or any previous CHEST events.