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Pulmonary Vascular Disease


Focuses on helping the pulmonary vascular disease community, including physicians, allied health-care professionals, and patients, to achieve the best possible patient-focused care through advancement of education and research.

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Pulmonary Vascular Disease NetWork Featured Lecture and Open Forum

PH-ILD Panel: Steering Committee Panel

As a NetWork member, you're welcome to join your NetWork Steering Committee calls. If interested in joining an upcoming call, please contact  Michelle Kosobucki, and she will be happy to share access information.


Jean Elwing, MD, FCCP
Liaison: CHEST 2021 Scientific Program Committee



Vijay Balasubramanian, MD, FCCP

Steering Committee

Eduardo Bossone, MD, PhD, FCCP
Hector Cajigas, MD, FCCP
Kristin Highland, MD, FCCP
John Kingrey, MD
Deborah Jo Levine, MD, MS, FCCP
Lana Melendres-Groves, MD
Christopher Mullin, MD
Abby Poms, RCP
Sandeep Sahay, MD, FCCP
Oksana Shlobin, MD, FCCP
Francisco Soto, MD, MS, FCCP

Fellow-in-Training Member

Humna Abid Memon, MD
Dana Kay, DO

Ex Officio Member

Nathaniel Marchetti, DO, FCCP 

Staff Liaison

Michelle Kosobucki