CHESTBlogAnticipated Topics in Interstitial Lung Disease and Transplant at CHEST 2024

Anticipated Topics in Interstitial Lung Disease and Transplant at CHEST 2024

Anticipated Topics in Interstitial Lung Disease and Transplant at CHEST 2024

By: Madeleine Burry
June 10, 2024

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At CHEST 2024, October 6 to 9 in Boston, you’ll have your choice of 300+ educational sessions covering every aspect of clinical chest medicine. Learn more, and register today.

Said Chaaban, MD, FCCP

Said Chaaban, MD, FCCP

Said Chaaban, MD, FCCP

Said Chaaban, MD, FCCP

During CHEST 2024, October 6 to 9 in Boston, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide variety of topics, experts, and session types in interstitial lung disease and transplant, according to Said Chaaban, MD, FCCP.

“If I had the chance, and this is not an exaggeration, to attend 80% or more of these sessions, I’d be very lucky,” Dr. Chaaban said. That’s particularly true for the interstitial lung disease and lung pathology sessions, he added. “I’ve been out of training for 7 years, but we’re students for life. So it would be a good review and good teaching.”

Dr. Chaaban, Chair of the Interstitial Lung Disease/Transplant Curriculum Group and the Diffuse Lung Disease and Lung Transplant Network, shares some of the most anticipated topics and themes in these two areas that’ll be covered at CHEST 2024.

Multidisciplinary and lung transplant sessions that bridge the gap

There will be a mock multidisciplinary session, which Dr. Chaaban predicted will serve as a good teaching moment for both people in academia and outside of it. “It will address barriers between the pulmonologist community and the academic community.”

Bridging the gap between practitioners, and removing barriers between groups, is a bit of a theme.

For instance, some of the lung transplant sessions at CHEST 2024 are geared toward nontransplant physicians, Dr. Chaaban noted. These sessions will illuminate what to expect with patients who need transplants, including drug interactions, potential transplant complications, and factors that might change the course of a transplant, Dr. Chaaban said.

Key sessions

Interstitial Lung Diseases: Case Studies and Multidisciplinary Discussions (Master Class)
Mock Multidisciplinary Discussion in ILDs: To Biopsy or Not
Lung Transplant Medicine for the Nontransplant Pulmonologist
Airway Complications in Lung Transplantation: Prevention and Management

Beyond ECMO for people needing transplants

“When it comes to transplant, there will be a lot of interesting, exciting topics,” Dr. Chaaban said. Along with sessions aimed at providing nontransplant physicians with valuable insights, there will also be a session about other respiratory assist devices beyond the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) life support machine led by Gabriel Loor, MD, FCCP, a lung transplant surgeon.

Key session

Durable Respiratory Assist Devices: The Future Is Closer Than We Think

“I’ve been a CHEST advocate since my second year of residency, when I attended my first meeting in Atlanta,” Dr. Chaaban said. “I always learn something.” It’s also an opportunity to network with a lot of people and even help connect your trainees to colleagues in leadership positions.


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