Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography June 2016

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Learn practical measurement skills relevant to the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiopulmonary failure, and participate in case-based, interactive image interpretation sessions focused on the bedside assessment of the patient with cardiopulmonary failure using advanced critical care echocardiography.

Focus on practical elements of advanced critical care echocardiography that have specific use for the management of cardiopulmonary failure, including:

  • Doppler physics
  • Measurement of stroke volume/cardiac output (SV/CO)
  • Detailed assessment of LV and RV function
  • Measurement of filling pressures and diastolic function
  • Evaluation of valve function
  • Determination of preload sensitivity
  • Measurement of intracardiac pressures
  • Identification of adverse heart-lung interactions.


The course is designed for intensivists who are proficient in basic critical care echocardiography. Before coming to the course, you should have completed the CHEST Critical Care Ultrasonography course (or it’s equivalent) and should be using goal-directed echocardiography on a regular basis in your critical care practice.

Prior to attending the course, you will be given access to pre-course materials. You will be expected to have knowledge based upon the specified material at the time of the course, which will reduce the need for lectures. The additional time provided will allow for more dedicated hands-on learning opportunities.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for intensivists interested in developing proficiency in the field of advanced critical care echocardiography and will emphasize hands-on training for those seeking to gain a thorough understanding of how to use ultrasonography to improve hemodynamic management of the critically ill patient. Specifically, the course is designed for:

  • Physicians in critical care, emergency, and internal medicine
  • Physicians-in-training, including PCCM/CCM fellows

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