CANCELED: Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography June 2020

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Due to the concerns of COVID-19, and in the interest of the safety of our registrants and faculty, the Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography course has been canceled. We are looking at optional dates for holding this course in the future and will keep you advised on the rescheduling.

If you are a current registrant for the original course date, please contact the CHEST Help Team:
+1 (224) 521-9800
+1 (800) 343-2227

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Designed to meet the needs of critical care clinicians who are interested in ACCE, this course allows attendees to improve their skill at image interpretation and image acquisition that are required for mastery of advanced critical care echocardiography.  

Work with expert-level faculty in small group case-based image interpretation sessions that will review a broad spectrum of findings of ACCE, with emphasis on frontline utility of ACCE for the diagnosis and management of cardiopulmonary failure. Work to gain mastery of the full ACCE image set with a 1:2 faculty to learner ratio that allows for intensive personalized training.  

Learn to integrate findings of ACCE into clinical operations by using: 

  • Doppler physics 
  • Measurement of stroke volume/cardiac output (SV/CO) 
  • Detailed assessment of LV and RV function 
  • Measurement of filling pressures and diastolic function 
  • Evaluation of valve function 
  • Determination of preload sensitivity 
  • Measurement of intracardiac pressures 
  • Identification of adverse heart-lung interactions 

This course is designed to meet the needs of critical care clinicians who are interested in ACCE; and, in particular, for those who are candidates for Certification in Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography, now offered by the National Board of Echocardiography (NBE) in cooperation with the National Board of Medical Examiners and the Professional Societies. This course will focus on practical skill in image acquisition and image interpretation. This course is not a review course for the NBE certification examination. CHEST offers a separate review course in preparation for the NBE certification examination. 


This course is designed for intensivists who are fully proficient in basic critical care echocardiography and are strongly committed to pre-course cognitive preparation. Didactic lectures will not be presented. Instead, attendees are expected to engage in serious study of the pre-course material provided, as this course is designed for those who have completed the recommended reading. Attendance at the CHEST Essentials of Critical Care Echocardiography is recommended for less experienced clinicians before enrolling in the ACCE course. Clinicians who do not have a strong foundation in basic critical care echocardiography should not enroll in the ACCE course.  

Prior to attending, you will receive materials that form the cognitive base of the course. We anticipate that you will be thoroughly familiar with the content prior to starting the course in order to reduce the need for lectures, so the focus can be on hands-on, interactive training. 

Target Audience 

Intensivists, critical care and emergency medicine physicians, pulmonary and critical care fellows, and advanced practice providers are encouraged to attend. The course will of special interest to clinicians who have passed the NBE Board examination (CceExam), and who are preparing their image set in order to fulfil requirements of NBE Certification in ACCE.

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