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Winter Is Coming - Strategies to Maximize Performance and Combat Burnout Webinar

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The problem of burnout and moral injury is well known within medicine, and survey evidence suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the risk that healthcare workers face. This session will define the factors that drive the risk of burnout, and examine strategies that have been successfully used both in healthcare and other demanding, high stress professions to sustain high performance. Participants will also receive a brief overview of the CHEST Wellness Center, a new resource of high quality information for pulmonary, critical care and sleep physicians and members of their interprofessional team.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the factors that drive the risk of burnout among healthcare workers.
  2. Describe strategies that have been effectively used to prevent burnout in healthcare and other demanding professions.
  3. Identify key elements to sustain high performance in stressful environments.

Education Curriculum Categories:

Education, Practice, and Quality Improvement

Item Number: 92755.6

Curtis Sessler, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA
What Factors Drive Burnout?

Ritwick Agrawal, MD
Baylor College of Medicine
Simple Steps to Sustain Performance: Are You in the Right Mindset?

Susan Corbridge, PhD, APRN, FAANP, FCCP, FAAN
University of Illinois at Chicago
Managing Change within Teams: Moving from “Me” to “We”

Alexander S. Niven, MD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN
Supporting You and Your Team: The CHEST Wellness Initiative

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