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Executive Office

Paul A. Markowski, CAE – Executive Vice President and CEO
Karen Caraher – Executive Assistant
Mark J. Rosen, MD, Master FCCP – Medical Director
Ed Dellert, RN, MBA, CCMEP – Senior Vice President, Medical Education Research and Innovation

Richard S. Irwin, MD, Master FCCP – Editor in Chief, CHEST
Cynthia T. French, MS, ANP-BC – Assistant Editor, CHEST

Governance and Operations

Nancy MacRae – Senior Vice President
Maggie Bochnak – Project Coordinator

Strategic Planning and Operations
Jennifer Nemkovich – Director, Strategic Planning and Operations
Lisa Alvarez – Project Coordinator
Mark M. Nagasawa, MA – Global Development Specialist

Human Resources
Bill Rieser, SPHR, CCP – Director, Human Resources
Sarah Mitial, MA – Staffing Manager

Heather Nash, CMP – Director, Meetings
Susan Harris – Meeting and Special Event Planner
Erika Kowalczyk, CMP – Meeting and Special Event Planner
Paul Niemiec – Exhibits Coordinator

Dennis Coughlin – Facility Manager

Business and Development

Megan Schagrin, CAE, CFRE – Senior Vice President and Executive Director, CHEST Foundation
Kat Nagasawa, MBA – Development and Governance Coordinator

Business Development
Susan Gripentrog, MBA – Director, Business Development
Catherine Disch – Exhibits Sales Manager
Debra Levinthal – Instructional Designer
Jeanne Schaschwary – Development Manager

Foundation Development
Debborah Harp – Director, Foundation Development
Patti Steele – Annual Fund Manager

PREP Operations
Lisa Stanick, MBA – Director, PREP Operations
Debra Levinthal, DPM – Instructional Designer
Michelle Taylor – LMS & Simulation Specialist

Sydney Parker, PhD – Director, Grant Development
Adriana Greisman, MS, PT – Grant Writer
Konstandina (Konnie) Argyropoulos – Grants and Awards Assistant


Nicole Augustyn – Senior Vice President, Education
Laura Nolan – Executive Assistant

Health-care Practice, Informatics, and Research
Joyce Bruno Reitzner, LPN, MBA, MIPH – Director, Health-care Practice, Informatics, and Research
Rebecca Diekemper, MPH – Senior Methodologist
Lee Ann Fulton – Evidence-Based Documents Specialist
Danielle Jungst – AQuIRE Database Assistant
Jeff Maitland – Manager, Quality Improvement
Joe Ornelas, MPH, MS, PhD(c), FACHE – Senior Health Services Researcher
Sheena Patel – Methodologist
Nanette Umphrey – Project Coordinator

Clinical Simulation and Innovation
Chad Jackson, MS, RRT, CHT, CCMEP – Director, Clinical Simulation and Innovation
Elizabeth Ball – Manager, Educational Technology and Simulation
Pam Beaton, CCMEP – Manager, Educational Accreditation and Certification Services
Aleda Ealom – Clinical Simulation Specialist
Greg Lasko, MA, HRD – Clinical Simulation Specialist
Amy Nielsen – Learning Management System Specialist
Lilly Rodriguez – Project Coordinator
John Stangel, CCMEP – Administrative Assistant, Accreditation
Joshua Vognsen – LMS and Simulation Specialist

NetWorks and Educational Resources
Jennifer Pitts, MA, CCMEP – Director, NetWorks and Educational Resources
Beth Corey – NetWorks and Communication Manager
Rachel Gutterman – Educational Design and Research Specialist
Hana Manal, MA – Educational Design and Research Specialist
Rob Ramillosa – Project Coordinator, NetWorks
Teresa Rodriguez – Educational Design and Research Specialist

Publishing and Digital Content

Stephen Welch – Senior Vice President and Publisher

Barb Anderson – Senior Editorial Coordinator
Pamela Goorsky – Manager, Editorial Resources
Laura Lipsey – Senior Editorial Coordinator
Patricia Micek, MBA – Manager, Subscriptions and Advertising
Carla Miller – Assistant Managing Editor, CHEST
Meggy Popa – Subscription Coordinator
Jean Rice – Manager, Peer Review
Vicki Tedeschi – Managing Editor, CHEST
Martha Zaborowski – Medical Copy Editor

Marketing and Communications

Sue Reimbold, MA – Senior Vice President 

Tiffany Breyne, MSM – Web Content Specialist
Kristi Bruno – Senior Social Media and PR Specialist
Katy Carlsen – Manager, Website and Digital Media
Kathy Daniels, MBA, MSIMC – Promotion Specialist
Laima Day – Manager, Branding and Design
Claudia Egresits – Senior Branded Design Specialist
Kathy Jewett, MA – Manager, Communications and Branded Content Marketing
Suzanne Sletto – Membership Specialist
Tracy Sluciak, MA – Senior e-Community and Communications Specialist
Linda Tomczynski – Manager, Promotion and Membership

Management Information Systems 
Adrian Feld – Manager, Support Specialists
Missy Fleck – Support Specialist 
Bena Gerber – Support Specialist
Deepa Gudipally – Senior Web Developer 
Donald Jones, MBA – Senior Advisor
Paul Martin, PE, MBA – Principal Technologist
Arvind Ramanathan – Director, Application Development and Infrastructure
Maggie Scarpaci – Support Specialist

Customer Relations 
Jeanne Dominick – Manager, Customer Relations 
Chris Derbes - Membership Manager 
Marianna Pantelin – Senior Customer Relations Representative 
Elissa Segel – Senior Customer Relations Representative


P. Stratton Davies, CPA – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Olivia Garconita – Staff Accountant
Jessica Johnston – Controller
Andrea Kelly – Senior Accounts Payable Representative
Susan Rossiello, CPA – Senior Accountant
Chandan Shah – Senior Accounts Receivable Representative