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The BRONCH Express

Portable EBUS-TBNA Simulation Training

The BRONCH Express™ is an innovative desktop simulator that provides a meaningful yet affordable, hands-on training solution for EBUS-TBNA training and qualification.

Bronch ExpressMounted inside a carry-on case, this desktop simulator is easy to set up and repack. Virtual patient cases offer a realistic anatomical environment based on actual patient data. The BRONCH Express provides a hands-on training solution for pulmonary and critical care fellows and attending physicians to train on EBUS-TBNA.

Product Features:

  • Comprehensive EBUS-TBNA training
  • Realistic patient environment
  • Educational aids enhancing the learning curve
  • Objective performance assessment
  • Highly portable training platform

The BRONCH Express is periodically featured at our live learning courses and is available for purchase exclusively through the 3D Systems, Simbionix global sales network. Learn more at