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ACCP NetWorks


NetWorks are special interest groups that focus on particular areas of chest medicine. Join any of the NetWorks to connect with others who have similar interests, help plan educational sessions, take on leadership roles, and participate in the development of policies, opinions, and position statements. NetWork membership is open to CHEST members.

Join multiple NetWorks or change your NetWork affiliation any time by logging into My Account on, and indicate your preferences in the Areas of Interest section.

E-mail or call 224/521-9506.

Volunteer Opportunity

We are currently seeking volunteers to serve on all 22 NetWork steering committees, with a term of office beginning November 1. A list of NetWorks can be found below. 

2015 Call for Nominations

Eligibility Criteria
All applicants must be a member of CHEST, current in their dues and a member of the NetWork to which they are applying.

Key roles and responsibilities for serving on a NetWork steering committee include:

  • Active involvement in developing and implementing engagement strategies in the CHEST e-Community.
  • Serve as expert resources to groups internal and external to CHEST.
  • Implement relevant projects that are consistent with the mission and strategic goals of CHEST.
  • Provide expertise and personnel, as requested, to support evidence-based guideline and consensus statement review processes.
  • Provide broad-based input to the Education Committee and/or other CHEST Committees regarding potential issues of interest. Such input shall be communicated through the NetWork Chair and/or a steering committee representative.
  • Participate in the selection of and monitor the progress of the Distinguished Scholars as requested by the CHEST Foundation.
  • Attendance at the NetWork Featured Lecture at the CHEST Annual Meeting.
  • Development of NetWork Highlights for CHEST.
  • Identifying replacement speakers for CHEST-related educational activities.

Nominees will be reviewed and voted upon by the current steering committee members. Recommendations will be submitted to Barbara Phillips, President-Elect of CHEST, for final approval.

For more detailed information on responsibilities and participation required of steering committee members, please see the NetWorks Handbook online.