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ACCP NetWorks


NetWorks are our special interest groups that focus on particular areas of chest medicine. Members can join any of the NetWorks to connect with others who have similar interests, help plan educational sessions, take on leadership roles, and participate in the development of policies, opinions, and position statements. NetWork membership is open to CHEST members. Join multiple NetWorks or change your NetWork affiliation any time by indicating your preferences in your profile.

In addition to joining NetWorks, you can also join the Diversity Group in the e-Community. The Diversity Group is an online forum for diversity issues relevant to medicine. The Diversity Group has access to all the same benefits that the e-Community provides to the 22 NetWorks.

We are currently soliciting interest from volunteers to serve on NetWork steering committees, with a term of office beginning November 1, 2014. Those steering committees which will have openings are identified in the list below. 

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must be a member of CHEST, current in their dues and a member of the NetWork to which they are applying. 

All nominees must submit the information on the webpage below. If your information is not complete, your name will not be included on the ballot.

NetWork Call for Nominations

Nomination Deadline: May 2, 2014

Submit all nomination materials to:
Robert Ramillosa, NetWork and Communications Specialist
Fax: 224/521-9801