CHESTBlogExplore CHEST Courses Encompassing the Full Spectrum of Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

Explore CHEST Courses Encompassing the Full Spectrum of Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

By: Katlyn Campbell

Bronchoscopy is considered a defining procedure for chest physicians—but training is not always standardized among programs. Clinicians can stay up to date on best practices by furthering their education in bronchoscopy.

In 2024, CHEST is offering diagnostic bronchoscopy courses for anyone from advanced practice providers to respiratory therapists to physicians looking to advance their skills in bronchoscopy.

“There is no substitute for the one-on-one coaching and hands-on practice in our state-of-the-art simulation facility at CHEST Headquarters,” said past faculty and Chair of the 2023 Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy for Peripheral Nodules course, Septimiu D. Murgu, MD, FCCP.

Each course is meant to build on the next, giving learners the chance to accumulate industry-relevant knowledge throughout the year.

“The field of diagnostic bronchoscopy is evolving, and these sessions will allow learners to stay abreast of the latest technologies and techniques,” said Ex Officio of the Live Learning Subcommittee, Nicholas J. Pastis, MD, FCCP.

Diagnostic Bronchoscopy 101: Mastering Essential Bronchoscopy and Endobronchial Ultrasound Skills | September 5-7

This course will set the foundation for critical flexible bronchoscopy and endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) skills and help you employ a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and staging lung cancer.Learners at a Comprehensive Bronchoscopy With Endobronchial Ultrasound course.

Learners at a Comprehensive Bronchoscopy With Endobronchial Ultrasound course.

You can expect to practice handling and processing EBUS-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) specimens, placing endobronchial blockers, using radial probe EBUS for localizing peripheral pulmonary nodules, and more.

“Attendees will learn by doing. The faculty have a hands-off approach, allowing learners to problem solve and develop the correct muscle memory under expert guidance,” said Dr. Pastis.


Diagnostic Bronchoscopy 201: Mastering Advanced Tools and Techniques for Optimizing EBUS Outcomes | March 7-8

Continue building your EBUS knowledge at this new course. You’ll learn advanced biopsy techniques for the management of thoracic malignancies and develop proficiency in EBUS, lung cancer staging, and pathology interpretation.


CHEST’s diagnostic bronchoscopy courses will give you the skills needed to confidently manage lung cancer staging for your patients.

“Over the last decade, CHEST has proven that our courses undoubtedly improve participants’ cognitive knowledge and technical skills in a variety of bronchoscopy and pleural interventions,” said Dr. Murgu.