CHESTBlogThe Top Benefits of In-Person Board Review

The Top Benefits of In-Person Board Review

The Top Benefits of In-Person Board Review

By: Kendra Benner
April 17, 2023

CHEST Board Review attendees engaging in disucussion

CHEST Board Review is back in person this year for the first time since 2019. Before the live sessions kick off this summer in Miami, Florida, we’re highlighting the advantages of in-person preparation for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) exam.

Whether you’re a fellow preparing for your first exam or you’re an experienced clinician getting ready for recertification, you’ll get the tools to succeed on the pulmonary, critical care, or sleep medicine exams. Here’s why the face-to-face sessions are so valuable.

Learn in real time from both faculty and peers

One of the biggest differences between in-person learning and virtual education is the opportunity to learn from other attendees. CHEST Sleep Medicine Board Review Chair, Carolyn D’Ambrosio, MD, FCCP, calls this the contrast between vertical and horizontal learning.

“All learning is not vertical, right? You can of course learn information when you’re sitting in front of a screen and listening to an expert talk,” she said.

“But what is much more interesting—and where you pick up more nuggets [of information]—is when you’re walking to go get another cup of coffee, and people are talking about something that interests you. You listen in, or you participate. There’s a horizontal learning [that happens], as well.”

Hundreds of chest medicine clinicians will attend CHEST Board Review, and you’ll get to learn from and network with a diverse group of engaged peers who share your interests.

“[Attendees] will get to network live with peers who are also preparing for their boards. It’s immersive, and it’s great when you can sit with a group, put everything else aside, and dedicate time to learning,” said CHEST Pulmonary Medicine Board Review Vice-Chair, Sandhya Khurana, MD, FCCP.

Participate in engaging, high-yield learning

Throughout the review, you’ll take part in case-based discussions on questions that frequently appear on the board exams. Each discussion will happen in a small group led by a faculty member.

The live, interactive format—combined with the emphasis on highly relevant topics—will help you learn and retain a large amount of information in a short period of time.

“This is going to be a high-yield dive into a lot of topics that we know come up routinely on the board. [It’s an] opportunity to interact with folks on a professional, educational, and social level that's been missing over the last few years,” said CHEST Critical Care Board Review faculty member, Amy E. Morris, MD, FCCP.

Prepare for your board certification or recertification in pulmonary, critical care, or sleep medicine at CHEST Board Review 2023, happening this summer in Miami, Florida. Register now.