CHESTCHEST NewsIn Support of Maui (8/23/2023 Update)

In Support of Maui (8/23/2023 Update)

Our hearts are with our Hawaiian neighbors as the people of Maui battle devastating wildfires fueled by hurricane winds. We are in contact with our island community partners, asking for an update on their well-being and how we can support them during this distressing time.

If you would like to provide financial support to help cover essential needs, reputable resources are listed below.

Please keep the people of Maui in your thoughts and prayers as they await relief, particularly the first responders and community organizers who are working relentlessly to secure medical care and safe refuge for those in need.

Note: We will update this list should additional resources come to our attention.

8/23/2023 UPDATE Information from local authorities say that Hawaiʻi, Maui included, is in need of economic support - including tourism - to rebuild and support local residents. Given these updates, we will proceed with CHEST 2023 as planned, including the Master Classes taking place in the southern region on Maui in Wailea following the annual meeting.

CHEST encourages attendees to visit respectfully while keeping in mind that locals are still recovering from the impact of the fires including the lives lost and those who have been displaced. While in Hawaiʻi, please consider patronizing locally owned establishments and please continue to support the organizations listed above. More information on returning to Maui and Hawaiʻi can be found here.

You can also browse these directories to find locally owned businesses to support: