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CHEST SEEK AppThe CHEST App™ is the new home for CHEST SEEK™, an ideal resource to prepare for board examinations, to stay on top of the latest clinical information, and to access content on both mobile app and computer.

Download the CHEST App:

For Android devices
For Apple devices

To have access to the latest clinical content, subscribe to the CHEST SEEK Library for a 1-year subscription. To access SEEK content on your computer, log in with your e-mail associated with your CHEST ID account and password at

The Library includes content from the following SEEK editions:

  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 26th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pulmonary Medicine: 25th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 24th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine: 1st Edition 
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXIII: Pulmonary Medicine
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXII: Critical Care Medicine
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXI: Pulmonary Medicine
  • CHEST SEEK Sleep Medicine: 4th Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine: Second Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine: Third Edition

If you have questions regarding the CHEST App and the CHEST SEEK Library, contact our Help Team at or 800/343-2227.