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Participate in more than 20 NetWorks that span the full range of clinical and practice issues that chest professionals face today.

CHEST Networks


NetWorks are special interest groups that focus on particular areas of chest medicine. Join any of CHEST's 22 NetWorks to connect with others who have similar interests; help plan educational sessions; take on leadership roles; and participate in the development of policies, opinions, and position statements. Joining and staying involved in CHEST NetWorks provides a pathway to leadership roles.

Primary and Secondary

Join as many NetWorks as you would like, and designate (up to) two primary NetWorks and limitless secondary NetWorks. Primary NetWork designation gives you access to News from Your NetWork, a bi-yearly communication from your NetWork Chair with relevant education course offerings, key events in the CHEST community, and up-to-date information on happenings in your NetWork.

Join multiple NetWorks or change your NetWork affiliation any time by logging in to My Account, and indicate your preferences on the NetWorks page.

Leadership Positions

NetWork membership is a benefit for all CHEST members. If interested in joining a NetWork Steering Committee, visit the Apply for CHEST Leadership page, to learn more about how to get involved.



NetWorks Challenge

There is one week left to donate to the NetWorks Challenge! Donate now to win travel grants to CHEST 2019 for your NetWork.

NetWorks Challenge Top 3:

Updated July 24, 2019

  1. Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery: $7,200
  2. Practice Operations: $5,300
  3. Sleep Medicine: $2,895

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NetWorks Challenge Standings

Updated July 24, 2019

  1. Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery - $7,200
  2. Practice Operations - $5,300
  3. Sleep Medicine - $2,895
  4. Home-Based Mechanical Ventilation and Neuromuscular Disease - $2,700
  5. Women's Health - $2,400
  6. Pulmonary Vascular Disease - $2,125
  7. Airway Disorders - $2,050
  8. Disaster Response and Global Health - $1,350
  9. Clinical Research and Quality Improvement - $1,000
  10. Critical Care - $900
  11. Respiratory Care - $900
  12. Thoracic Oncology - $820
  13. Pulmonary, Physiology, Function, and Rehabilitation - $600
  14. Chest Infections - $250
  15. Transplant - $250
  16. Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease - $150
  17. Palliative and End-of-Life Care - $135
  18. Interprofessional Team - $25
  19. Occupational and Environmental Health - $10
  20. Clinical Pulmonary Medicine - $0
  21. Interventional Chest/Diagnostic Procedures - $0
  22. Pediatric Chest Medicine - $0

Executive Committee of the Council of NetWorks

Council of NetWorks

Airways Disorders

Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery

Chest Infections

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine

Clinical Research and Quality Improvement

Critical Care

Disaster Response and Global Health

Home-Based Mechanical Ventilation and Neuromuscular Disease

Interprofessional Team

Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease

Interventional Chest/Diagnostic Procedures

Occupational and Environmental Health

Palliative and End-of-Life Care

Pediatric Chest Medicine

Practice Operations

Pulmonary Physiology, Function, and Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Respiratory Care

Sleep Medicine

Thoracic Oncology


Women's Health