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Nurses Week Q&A with Rita Williams, NP-C, PA, FCCP

By: Lauren Hughes

Rita Williams, NP-C, PA, FCCP is one of our highly engaged advanced practice provider (APP) members at CHEST. She serves on the CHEST Membership Committee, attends CHEST Annual Meetings, Live Learning courses, and is actively involved in numerous CHEST NetWorks. We caught up with her for National Nurses Week where she shared her experience of joining CHEST as a nurse.

Why did you join CHEST?

I joined CHEST at the recommendation of my supervising physician. As a new pulmonary/critical care nurse practitioner (NP), I realized I had much to learn about pulmonary medicine beyond my experience as an internal medicine NP in primary care for 13 years. Finding CHEST was like being lost in the big city and running into someone from your hometown. They understand who I am and what I need.

When I was a new pulmonary and critical care NP, I attended the board review courses. At first, a lot went over my head. But, I became familiar and it gave me something to discuss with my physician partners to develop a greater understanding in the management of my patients. I felt comfortable attending the annual CHEST meetings and found them very exciting, and loved connecting with providers in my specialty from all over the world.

CHEST 2017 - SimulationWhat is your favorite part about being a CHEST member?

I enjoy being a CHEST member because of the valuable knowledge I receive at the CHEST Annual Meeting each year, which I directly apply to how I treat my patients every day and the opportunity to meet other NPs and PAs. Without CHEST, I would not have found other NP/PA pulmonary and critical care providers. I also utilize the guidelines, daily and weekly email updates on the latest research, government reports, and insurance-related news. I look forward to reading CHEST Physician each month as well.

Why did you become a FCCP and how has this impacted your career?

I wanted to become an FCCP after I read the pledge taken by new inductees. I realized everything they were pledging to I believed and practiced as well. I believe the title brings a level of respect and understanding from my colleagues, both physician and nonphysician, and it also makes our administrators aware of my commitment to chest medicine.

The work CHEST does makes me proud and I was happy to be a member of the membership committee, representing my fellow NPs and PAs and developing plans to bring more members into CHEST so they could experience what I have. Being an FCCP makes me proud to let others know my devotion to this specialty.