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CHEST Philanthropy

After 25 years of impact, the CHEST Foundation is evolving to meet the broader need of our community and our patients. CHEST philanthropy encompasses our unified mission to shape a better future for chest medicine and improve the lives of our patients.


Through the support of our generous donors, CHEST will expand its influence on the future of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine through our clinicians in support of a better future for our patients and communities. Consolidating resources and leveraging the full strength of CHEST behind our philanthropic efforts is the best way to grow our impact, adapt to the changing medical landscape, and build on 25 years of extraordinary achievements. Together, we can shape a future where chest medicine transforms lives and inspires hope.

Our philanthropic pillars

Clinical research

Supporting clinical research bolsters patient access and care in diverse communities. By providing grants to early career researchers, we aid them in acquiring vital data and clinically important results. Together, we empower innovation, bridge gaps, and ensure equitable health care outcomes for all.

Community impact

Our community impact program partners with local organizations, fostering collaboration that provides vital services and education on key lung health issues. By working together, we can strengthen our impact, empowering communities to prioritize and improve respiratory well-being.

Support of the profession

We support pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine by providing top-notch clinical education. We empower early career clinicians from diverse backgrounds with the latest knowledge, enabling them to optimally care for their patients and advance the field of chest medicine.

Dedication to education

We strive to bridge gaps, break barriers, and improve health care interactions for better patient outcomes and overall health. Strengthening patient-clinician communication and partnering with patient-based organizations are our most direct avenues for impacting patient understanding of their disease and improving quality of life.

Philanthropy news: Inspiring stories of transformation

Unleashing the power of philanthropy

Through our philanthropic initiatives, we aim to be a beacon of hope in the world of healing and discovery. We work to fuel breakthroughs, empower innovation, and drive toward a future where every patient's well-being is safeguarded. As clinicians and scientists, our members understand the profound impact of giving back. Through philanthropy, we forge new paths, transform lives, and create lasting change.

By making a gift to support CHEST’s philanthropic efforts, you help unleash the power of compassion, igniting a collective force that propels us toward unprecedented advancements in the collaborative fields of chest medicine—and making an indelible mark on CHEST, its members, and patients worldwide.