CHESTMembership & CommunityParticipation Points

Participation Points

Get Rewarded for the Things You Do

CHEST Participation Points is designed to increase member recognition and reward you for participating and contributing to our diverse community. 

Wherever you are in your career, you can earn points for the things you do within the CHEST community. Earn points for the work you already do, then redeem for items or discounts on educational opportunities and membership.

Rewards for CHEST Participation Points

You'll be awarded in these activities:


  • Complete a short survey
  • Join a new Network
  • Participate in a Twitter chat
  • Attend a networking event
  • Volunteer in CHEST booth
  • Attend CHEST Annual Meeting
  • Serve as abstract/case report grader for CHEST Annual Meeting
  • Serve as faculty for a CHEST Annual Meeting session
  • Opt in for member dues auto-renew
  • Refer a member
  • Serve as a moderator
  • Attend a live course
  • Complete a long survey
  • First time membership renewal
  • Attend 3 consecutive CHEST Annual Meetings
  • Participate in a CHEST webinar
  • Serve as faculty for a CHEST live learning course
  • Serve as faculty for CHEST Board Review
  • Become an FCCP
  • Donate to the CHEST Foundation
  • Submit a topic for CHEST Annual Meeting
  • Attend 5 consecutive CHEST Annual Meetings
  • Participate in a focus group, work group, or ad hoc committee
  • Submit an abstract or case report for CHEST Annual Meeting
  • Participate in a community service event
  • Participate in the mentorship program