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CHEST Interest Groups

CHEST Interest Groups provide members with access to unique networking and professional development opportunities based on areas of interest.

CHEST members can join an Interest Group to start receiving information on future events and opportunities.


Find your community

CHEST members can join Interest Groups to connect with other members who share an identity or specific area of focus. Each group collaboratively develops suggestions and provides expert guidance on issues within the scope of their specific interest or area of focus, which contribute to CHEST’s mission, vision, and values.

Mauricio Danckers, MD, FCCP

“Interest Groups bring individual uniqueness into a shared platform of professional growth and networking that aligns with the mission and vision of CHEST. They organically connect our CHEST members. They support their career development and enrich their professional path. Interest Groups bring awareness to our medical community, promote excellence in patient care, and advance scientific research and medical education.”

– Mauricio Danckers, MD, FCCP
Chair, LGBTQ+ at CHEST Steering Committee


Nurturing inclusive communities

CHEST strives to cultivate an environment where the diverse lived and learned perspectives of our members and their communities are heard, valued, and honored. Empowering members of the chest medicine community with the skills and competencies they need to dismantle health disparities and provide inclusive, equitable care is a critical component of the work we do together.

Interest Groups are one of the many ways that we encourage members to come together and engage in challenging conversations for the benefit of providing guidance and insight to leadership on how to move the needle on health equity.


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