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LGBTQ+ at CHEST Interest Group

The goal of the LGBTQ+ at CHEST Interest Group is to provide a space where CHEST members can exchange resources, seek support, provide mentorship, gain knowledge, and share perspectives related to LGBTQ+ identity.

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Our focus

The LGBTQ+ at CHEST Interest Group envisions a world where:

  • CHEST members are fully equipped and empowered with the education and resources they need to provide affirming, high-quality care to all LGBTQ+ patients.
  • Professional development and organizational systems of support for LGBTQ+ CHEST members and those working toward health equity in LGBTQ+ communities are robust and easily accessible.
  • Disparities in care for LGBTQ+ patients are eradicated.
  • Workforce discrimination against LGBTQ+ CHEST members is eliminated.

Note: LGBTQ+ is an acronym used by this group as an umbrella term that broadly refers to the expansive and ever-evolving spectrum of gender identity, gender presentation, physical attraction, and emotional attraction.

The LGBTQ+ at CHEST Interest Group is built on three pillars:

Professional development

Develop and maintain high-impact professional development, mentoring, and leadership skills and opportunities for LGBTQ+ CHEST members at all stages in their careers, with the goal of eliminating disparities for LGBTQ+ members of the chest medicine community.

Health and wellness

Contribute to efforts that advance health equity care for LGBTQ+ patients, including ensuring that CHEST members are equipped with the skills and competencies they need to provide gender-affirming care to their patients.


Offer expert guidance and function as a resource at CHEST regarding LGBTQ+ issues, advocacy, and community needs. Elevate and represent the concerns of Interest Group members and their patients to CHEST leadership.

Relevant research to enhance your patient care

CHEST® Pulmonary

Adaptation of a tailored lung cancer screening decision aid for people with HIV

Steering Committee Member, Matty Triplette, MD, MPH, authored this article exploring if a shared decision-making decision aid could be adapted to include HIV-specific measures with input from both people with HIV and their providers.

CHEST® Pulmonary

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Transgender and Gender-Diverse Patients

Steering Committee Members, Cassie Kennedy, MD, FCCP, and Gustavo Cortes Puentes, MD, authored this article examining the influence of sex and gender on predicted aerobic capacity.

LGBTQ+ at CHEST Interest Group Steering Committee

Mauricio Danckers, MD, FCCP

Mauricio Danckers, MD, FCCP


Cassie Kennedy, MD, FCCP

Cassie Kennedy, MD, FCCP


Hassan Bencheqroun, MD, FCCP

Christopher Carroll, MD, FCCP

Gustavo Cortes Puentes, MD

Adam Mora, MD

Lillit Sargsyan, MD, FCCP

Matty Triplette, MD, MPH

Gretchen Winter, MD

Get involved with LGBTQ+ at CHEST

Membership in the LGBTQ+ at CHEST Interest Group is open to all CHEST members. Self-identification as a member of the LGBTQ+ community is not a prerequisite for membership, as this group is open to any CHEST member who is committed to advancing gender-affirming approaches to health, wellness, and education.

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