Become an FCCP

Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians

You play an active role in advancing the field of chest medicine. Now be recognized for your excellence, dedication, and leadership.

The Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians (FCCP) opportunity is available for the entire chest medicine team and is exclusively awarded to Enhanced or Premium CHEST members.* Being an FCCP offers you the ability to:

Apply for FCCP by July 31, 2024, to participate in the Convocation Ceremony at CHEST 2024 in Boston, MA.
Applications received after the deadline will be invited to participate in the convocation the following year.


*FCCP status is valid as long as you remain an active Enhanced or Premium level member.

Your path to becoming an FCCP

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Eligibility for candidacy

  • Has been a CHEST member for at least 2 years
  • Physician candidates have been out of fellowship at least 2 years
  • APPs, RTs, and other medical professional candidates have been practicing for at least 5 years
  • Is an active Enhanced or Premium CHEST member at the time of application
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  • Demonstrate excellence, commitment, and leadership in chest medicine
  • Exhibit professional contributions to CHEST, other medical associations, and/or to the field of chest medicine
  • Be board-certified or hold a professional degree
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Submission material

  • One-time, nonrefundable application fee ($125 USA/Canada, $50 international)
  • Two letters of recommendation written by a sponsor on institution letterhead with their signature—preferably from current FCCPs, but if not possible, other professional references will be accepted (Department or Division Chair, Chief, etc)
  • Curriculum vitae with all applicable key domains (see FAQ for details)

FCCP applications are reviewed on an individual basis. CHEST reserves the right to accept or not accept any application for FCCP based on the requirements or equivalent qualifications.

If you are accepted as an FCCP, you may use the FCCP designation while you remain a member at the Enhanced or Premium level of membership.

What are the applicable key domains needed for the curriculum vitae?

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