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Respiratory Care Interest Group

The goal of the Respiratory Care Interest Group is to provide a space where CHEST members can exchange resources, seek support, provide mentorship, gain knowledge, and share perspectives that broadly relate to respiratory care from a variety of perspectives, including members of the care team, academic program directors, medical directors, and others.

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Our focus

The Respiratory Care Interest Group fosters education and growth opportunities by cultivating supportive and engaging relationships across the CHEST membership. Respiratory Care Interest Group members are dedicated to excellence in the field and practice of respiratory care and work collaboratively to offer expert guidance and insights on key issues that impact patients, communities, and clinicians.

The Respiratory Care Interest Group is built on three pillars:

Cultivating community

Uniting and providing a supportive and nurturing environment for the cross-functional roles that work together in the world of respiratory care.

Occupational innovation

Discussing, identifying, promoting, and operationalizing strategies that can combat the shortage of respiratory care professionals. Contributing to the larger CHEST goal of meaningfully diversifying the field of chest medicine.

Whole-person wellness

Promoting resources and tools that help reduce stress and prevent stressors from growing into burnout. Bringing mindful perspectives on whole-person wellness.

CHEST helps introduce supplemental oxygen bill
Alongside legislators and society partners, CHEST has helped introduce a new supplemental oxygen bill to Congress. The Supplemental Oxygen Access Reform (SOAR) Act of 2024 would establish a new payment methodology for nonliquid oxygen, allowing for most Medicare beneficiaries to be covered under the base payment levels. READ THE PRESS RELEASE »

Respiratory Care Interest Group Steering Committee

Kevin O’Neil, MD, MHA, FCCP

Kevin O’Neil, MD, MHA, FCCP


David Vines, PhD, RRT, FCCP

David Vines, PhD, RRT, FCCP


Abdullah Alismail, PhD, RRT-NPS, FCCP

Kimberly Clark, EdD, RRT

Scott Manaker, MD, PhD, FCCP

Sarah Mirza, MD

Kristina Ramirez, RRT, MPH, FCCP

Jessica Schweller, CNP, RRT

Daniel Thacker, RRT

Tyler Weiss, RRT-ACS, MSc, FCCP

Get involved with Respiratory Care

Membership in the Respiratory Care Interest Group is open to all CHEST members. Sign up, and we’ll reach out with information on future events and opportunities.

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