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As a CHEST member, you’re part of a strong network of clinicians representing every profession and experience level in chest medicine. With us, you can develop personal and professional connections, cultivate your leadership skills, advocate for policies that improve access to health, and advance your career.



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Esha Kapania, MD

Mentee selected for medical education scholarship

First-year pulmonary and critical care medicine fellow, Esha Kapania, MD, was selected to be mentored by Başak Çoruh, MD, FCCP, in the inaugural year of the 2024 Association of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Program Directors and CHEST Medical Educator Diversity Scholar Fellowship. Mentee applications for the 2025 scholarship will open later this year.


DEI in health care concept

CHEST expresses support for DEI within medical education

CHEST joined several other organizations to express opposition to H.R. 7725, the Embracing Anti-Discrimination, Unbiased Curricula, and Advancing Truth in Education Act. “As a society, in 2024 and beyond, we should be adding to DEI practices, not removing them,” says CHEST President, Jack D. Buckley, MD, MPH, FCCP.


CHEST 2024

Have a role in abstracts and case reports for CHEST 2024

Become a moderator for CHEST 2024 to review assigned submissions prior to the meeting and facilitate discussion and Q&A during your assigned session(s) in Boston. Applications are due Monday, June 3.


Conversation starters: Topics you want to discuss

Image of the word Recall

Home ventilation consult: Specialist input on a sudden shift in device availability

In a recent CHEST Physician® article, an expert panel of clinicians from CHEST’s Home-Based Mechanical Ventilation and Neuromuscular Disease Section of the Sleep Medicine Network explains the Philips Respironics recall that was released in January 2024 and offers suggestions on moving forward in caring for patients who were using the recalled machines.


Man sleeps with a watch on

Is it time to embrace a multinight sleep study?

Insights from sleep-tracking wearables could enhance the accuracy of sleep disorder diagnoses. In a CHEST Physician® article, the Sleep Medicine Network's Respiratory-Related Sleep Disorders Section Member-at-Large, Luis D. Quintero, DO, MPH, FCCP, discusses the downsides to single-night sleep studies and evolving sleep sensing technologies.


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Do you have a great idea?

If you’re as passionate about pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine as we are, you’re probably bursting with ideas on how we can advance those fields. Maybe you want to create a new practice tool or a different educational approach, or perhaps you want to create a patient resource. Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll see if we can get it off the ground together.


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When you become an FCCP (Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians), you play an active role in advancing the field of chest medicine while enjoying the prestige of being associated with a distinctive group of chest medicine professionals.

“I have found being an FCCP to be rewarding on a personal level, as well as a professional level. It has provided me with connections to colleagues nationally and internationally, and it has opened the door to leadership opportunities.”

– Thomas Van der Kloot, MD, FCCP