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Join Us for COPD: Current Excellence and Further Development

By: Vanessa Claude

May 7-9: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The global burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is increasing, and is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. There's still time to attend the CHEST conference, COPD: Current Excellence and Future Development, and join clinicians, experts, and specialists as they convene in Amsterdam to discuss best practices and future directions in diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic innovations. Plan to discuss the latest cutting-edge findings in COPD with like-minded clinicians.

The conference, taking place at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, in the center of Amsterdam, will include these session themes:

  • History and burden of COPD
  • Polymorbidity in COPD
  • Infections and exacerbations in COPD
  • Current treatment of COPD
  • The future of COPD

There will be many noteworthy speakers attending the conference that you should check out including:

  • Dirkje Postma (Keynote Speaker) – Professor of Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center of Groningen, Professor Postma will give a keynote session From Past to Present, Circle with COPD.
  • David M. Mannino (Conference Chair) – Professor and Chair in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health in Lexington, Kentucky. Dr. Mannino’s session topic is about The Natural History of COPD.
  • John Hurst (Co-Chair and Speaker) – Senior Lecturer at University College London, UK, Dr. Hurst’s session topic is on The Importance of Acute Exacerbations.
  • Alberto Papi (Co-Chair and Speaker) –Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Vice President of the School of Medicine at the University of Ferrara, Italy, and Director of the Respiratory Unit of the Department of Emergency Medicine, S. Anna University Hospital, Ferrara, Italy. Professor Papi’s talk will explore the Role of Infections.
  • Peter J. Barnes (Conference Speaker) – Margaret-Turner Warwick Professor of Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Head of Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College and Honorary Consultant Physician at Royal Brompton Hospital, London. Professor Barnes’s presentation will focus on Future Novel Therapies.
  • Sally Singh (Conference speaker) – Professor of Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation at the University Hospitals of Leicester (one of the largest rehabilitation programs in the UK), Professor Singh’s session is about Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
  • Nicholas Hopkinson (Conference speaker) – Dr. Hopkinson is a Reader in Respiratory Medicine & Honorary Consultant Physician at The National Heart and Lung Institute of Imperial College and the Royal Brompton Hospital. His session focuses on Cigarette Smoking.
  • Joan Soriano (Conference Speaker) – Since 2007, Dr. Soriano has been an Associate Editor of the European Respiratory Journal and since 2013 of the Lancet Respiratory Medicine. His session focuses on Asthma-COPD overlap. 

Learn more about what the conference has to offer and how to register.