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* Save an additional $20 per year when joining for 2 years or an additional $25 per year when joining for 3 years.


Network and stay up-to-date


$299 / 1 year

Attain or retain FCCP status


$399 / 1 year

Perfect for leadership and those active in the community

$499 / 1 year

Benefits of Membership

Basic Enhanced Premium
Online access to the journal CHEST® and clinical practice guidelines
FREE access to e-Learning Library ($99 value)*
Discounts for courses and products
Opportunity to join CHEST NetWorks
CHEST Career Connection access
Print access to the journal CHEST®
Opportunity to become/remain FCCP
Leadership Opportunities
Advance access to CHEST Annual Meeting registration
Advance access to CHEST Board Review registration
Advance access to hotel reservations
Invitation to VIP events

*e-Learning Library access for international members only, US/Canadian members pay $99.


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Please note: New members are required to pay an application fee based on country of residence.
 If you are in training or a non-physician/non-doctoral clinician, application fee is not required.
$125 (US and Canada) $50 (Non-US and Canada)



Who is eligible to join CHEST?


Membership is open to all chest medicine professionals, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, fellows-in-training, students, clinicians, and others. Nonphysician/nondoctoral clinicians, retirees, and those in training receive a $200 discount off any membership level. Members residing outside the United States or Canada receive a $120-$220 discount off any membership level. See discounts by country.


When will my membership benefits go into effect?


Benefits are effective immediately. Online access to the journal CHEST may take 1-2 days for activation. If you are an Enhanced or Premium member, it may take several weeks to receive your first print issue.


How can I connect with other members?


The CHEST Member Directory is an online resource for CHEST members. Use the directory to search for members and leaders and to start building your network. Easily search by name, specialty, location, or committee name to find others in the CHEST community.

All members current in their dues are included in the directory. Access to the directory is an exclusive CHEST member benefit.

How can I change my account information?


Current members can log in to “My Account” to pay dues, change address information, update account information, and check membership status. Contact member@chestnet.org or +1 (224) 521-9569 if you need assistance.


Where do I find my CHEST member ID number?


Simply log in to your chestnet.org account. Your number will be on the right side in the “membership status” box.


How do I access the journal CHEST?


Visit the CHEST journal website for access. If you recently joined as an Enhanced or Premium member, it may take several weeks to receive your first print issue.


Membership is open to the entire chest medicine team. Questions can be directed to our Help Team at HelpTeam@chestnet.org or +1 (800) 343-2227