CHEST Challenge

Each year, CHEST Challenge gives pulmonary and critical care medicine fellows-in-training an opportunity to compete for fun and prizes.

Thanks to all who participated in the 2022 CHEST Challenge social media competition and online qualifying quiz! Players from the top three training programs based on quiz scores will now prepare to go head-to-head in a live Jeopardy-style game during the CHEST Challenge Championship at CHEST 2022 in Nashville—with bragging rights and cash prizes on the line.

CHEST Annual Meeting 2022 | Nashville | October 16-19

CHEST Challenge Championship
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Omni Nashville Hotel - Broadway Ballroom

Meet the finalists

It was a tough battle, but players from the following training programs secured their spots to compete for the CHEST Challenge grand prize on Tuesday, October 18, at the Omni Nashville Hotel - Broadway Ballroom. Make sure to join the fun in watching these teams compete and show off their clinical knowledge.

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Mayo Clinic

Brooke Army Medical Center

CHEST Annual Meeting 2022 | Nashville | October 16-19

CHEST Challenge Championship
Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 7:30 pm CT
Omni Nashville Hotel - Broadway Ballroom

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Quiz prizes

Cash prizes will be awarded based upon team performance in the live CHEST Challenge Championship in Nashville.







Three players from each of the top three scoring teams also will receive:

  • Free registration for CHEST Annual Meeting 2022 in Nashville
  • FREE registration for a CHEST Board Review course or access to a Board Review On Demand product

Three players from each team ranking 4th through 9th in the online quiz will receive:

  • FREE registration for CHEST Annual Meeting 2022 in Nashville
  • FREE registration to a CHEST Board Review 2022 course or access to a Board Review On Demand product

These teams will also be recognized as CHEST Challenge Top Performers at the live CHEST Challenge Championship.

The teams ranking 10th through 25th from the online quiz will win:

  • One FREE copy of the most recent CHEST SEEK™ book of the program director’s choice, per team (pulmonary or critical care) 

CHEST Challenge prizes are sponsored and awarded solely by the American College of Chest Physicians. 

Social media challenge

The CHEST Challenge 2022 social media challenge has ended. Congratulations to our winners:

  1. Faiza Khalid (@Faizakhalid24) from MetroHealth Cleveland (@MetrohealthCLE)
  2. Zhenmei Zhang (@ZhenmeiZhangMD) from Mayo Clinic (@MayoPCCM)
  3. Michigan Medicine Pulmonary & Critical Care (@MichiganPulmCC)

Follow @accpchest on Twitter, and watch the #CHESTChallenge2022 and #CHESTTrainees hashtags for updates as the live championship draws near!

Online knowledge quiz

The online CHEST Challenge 2022 quiz is now closed. The top three teams will qualify to compete in the live CHEST Challenge Championship in Nashville, and the top 25 teams will receive prizes from CHEST.

  • Players will neither be allowed to take the online exam more than once per year, nor will they be permitted to go back to review or revise responses while taking the online test.
  • An unanswered or skipped question will be counted as an incorrect answer.
  • Players will have a maximum of 60 minutes to answer 50 questions.
  • Each trainee must take the test individually without any assistance. (Books, internet, additional persons, or any other forms of help are prohibited during test-taking.)
  • Scores will be determined based on the number of correct answers and the amount of time used; the team score will consist of the top two scores from each program. Additional scores beyond the top two scores will not count toward or against the team score.
  • All scores are confidential. No one else—not even your program director—will get the results.

Decisions of CHEST Challenge judges are FINAL in all disputes.

Players must be physicians-in-training at the time of their involvement; senior fellows who participate in the first round but graduate prior to CHEST 2022 may not represent their program at the live competition (although their scores will be eligible to determine whether the program qualifies for prizes).

It is at the discretion of the training program director for each team how the prizes are distributed to trainees within the program.

Each training program director is responsible for encouraging compliance with the rules; any infraction to the rules by a player from a program may lead to disqualification of the entire program from this year’s competition. 

The three top-scoring fellowship programs that competed in the live CHEST Challenge Championship in the prior year are not eligible to become finalists for this year’s competition, although they are eligible for all other prizes. 

CHEST does not authorize any copying, reproduction, disclosing, or otherwise sharing of any CHEST Challenge questions or related content.

CHEST Challenge over the years

CHEST Challenge is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that has become synonymous with the CHEST Annual Meeting. For 21 years, this lively competition has brought together fellows from across the country to compete head-to-head…to head, as three teams vie for a chance to take home the coveted Rosen Cup. The CHEST Challenge Championship brings everyone at the CHEST Annual Meeting together for one night to celebrate and appreciate the bright future of medicine that is our up-and-coming pulmonary and critical care fellows.

Each year, a video montage of the competing teams and the host city is shown to energize the crowd and kick off the competition. Take a stroll down memory lane, and check out the CHEST Challenge archives to get yourself ready for #CHESTChallenge2022.

CHEST Challenge Participants

CHEST Challenge Championship 2021
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of CHEST Challenge, this video takes you back to the very beginning, and then back to 2021, where Buffalo, Interfaith Medical Center, and The Ohio State University met in the second virtual event to battle it out.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2020
In a year unlike any other, CHEST Challenge went virtual for the first time ever, as New York Presbyterian, MetroHealth, and SUNY Downstate became “unFrozen” to compete for the title.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2019
For the 2019 CHEST Challenge, “Natural” instinct was put to the test for competitors Maimonides, The Ohio State University, and Walter Reed.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2018
To introduce the “Greatest Show” of the CHEST Annual Meeting, the 2018 montage brought on the music to roll out competitors Emory, Cleveland Clinic, and University of Michigan.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2017
Heading up to Canada, the 2017 CHEST Challenge montage hit the ice to skate in competitors Maimonides, University of Texas, and San Antonio Military Medical Center.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2016
With the CHEST Annual Meeting taking place in Los Angeles, the 2016 CHEST Challenge took to the water to introduce the Baywatching competitors ready to save the day: Interfaith Medical Center, New York Methodist, and University of Arizona.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2015
For “One Day More” of competition, the CHEST Challenge 2015 montage introduced “Les UnMiserables,” the competitors from Cleveland Clinic, Maimonides, and University of Texas at Houston.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2014
Embracing the host city of Austin, CHEST Challenge 2014 brought new sheriffs into town, as Cleveland Clinic, New York Methodist, and University of Texas at Houston competed for the title.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2013
Taking place in CHEST’s hometown of Chicago, IL, the 2013 CHEST Challenge introduced the A-Teams of Cleveland Clinic, Maimonides, and Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2012
The CHEST 2012 meeting embraced the Mission Impossible theme, as Harvard, Maimonides, and Toronto got ready to do battle.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2011
For the 10th anniversary of CHEST Challenge, the montage video embraced the Hawaiʻian spirit, as University of Missouri, National Capital Consortium, and UCSF Fresno competed.

CHEST Challenge Championship 2009
For the 75th CHEST Annual Meeting in 2009, Maimonides, Mayo Clinic, and National Capital Consortium met to take home the title of CHEST Challenge Champions.