Alexander O. Sy, MD, MBA, FCCP

Alexander O. Sy, MD, MBA, FCCP

Read through a Q&A with Pulmonary Physiology and Rehabilitation Section Vice-Chair, Alexander O. Sy, MD, MBA, FCCP.

October 31, 2023

Where do you work?
I currently am a full-time staff physician at the Loma Linda Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California and Professor at the Pulmonary, Critical Care, Hyperbaric, and Sleep Medicine division of the Loma Linda University Medical School. I also hold a position as one of the Associate Program Directors for the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship.

What are your research interests, and how does this apply to your position within the Networks?
I am interested in research related to physiologic applications to pulmonary, critical care, and sleep conditions. I am particularly interested in how to use this knowledge to implement policies to best help our patients.

How did you become interested and involved in the Diffuse Lung Disease and Lung Transplant Network?
I have always been interested in physiology ever since medical school. This is the main reason I went into pulmonary and critical care as a specialty. It is because of this that I got involved with the original Pulmonary Physiology, Function, and Rehabilitation NetWork, now known as the Diffuse Lung Disease and Lung Transplant Network.

Are you involved in any other activities or volunteer positions at CHEST?
This is my second stint on the Diffuse Lung Disease and Lung Transplant Network. I was also in this Network from 2008 to 2012 when it was called the Pulmonary Physiology, Function, and Rehabilitation NetWork.

Aside from this Network, I have also previously been on the Education Activity Review Board Subcommittee (2016-2018), Practice Operations NetWork Steering Committee (2013-2017), and Interprofessional Team Network Steering Committee (2016-2020). I also volunteer for abstract reviews for CHEST Annual Meetings, and I moderate abstracts and case reports.

What clinical research is most interesting to you right now?
I am most interested in the new information on the effect of race corrections in pulmonary function testing. I think this is a good amalgamation of physiologic science, health policy, and medical law.

What are your hobbies?
I like to read mostly business management or health law books (habit carried over from my MBA and MSL school). I like to travel and eat and cook and play golf.

What is something you cannot live without (after family and friends)?
Asian food.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with your Network peers?
With my experience in business school and law school, I am interested in how we can use our evidence-based, scientific knowledge and implement this in health care policies to best help our patients now and in the future.



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