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Research Opportunities

Getting the data you need can be hard. We make it easier.

With CHEST’s survey distribution services, you’ll be able to tap into our network of more than 22,000 lung health clinicians from around the world – ensuring that you get the data you need when you need it. Target any audience you choose from our database of Networks, run your survey up to 4 weeks, and get access to our analytics data mapping platform.

Service Highlights

  • Access a global network of clinicians
  • Ask up to 25 questions per survey
  • Run up to 6 surveys per year
  • Utilize our analytics platform

Fee structure

  • $1,500/Premium members,
  • $3,000/Basic and enhanced members
  • $6,000/Nonmembers

Data Use Services Now Available

Are you a member of CHEST? We’re now giving you access to the data we collect, including membership surveying. Contact us to learn more about our data use services and how we can help with your research project.

* Data can only be used for clinician member projects.


Ready to get started?

If you’re working on a research project and you’re ready to start collecting data, contact us to receive more information about our survey distribution services. A member of our analytics team will contact you shortly to go over all of the details.

Please note that this survey service is only available to nonindustry members. Industry opportunities are handled through a separate process.