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Frequently Asked Questions about Networks

Q. What are Networks?

A. Networks are our special interest groups that focus on particular areas of chest medicine. Members can join any of the Networks to connect with others who have similar interests, help plan educational sessions, take on leadership roles, and participate in the development of policies, opinions, and position statements.

Q. Why should I join a Network?

A. Networks provide the opportunity to become involved on a local, national, and international level, supplying forums for advocacy, leadership, communication, and education. They foster personal and professional development and afford leadership growth opportunities in our organization.

Q. What are the main goals of Networks?

A. Networks promote interdisciplinary, multispecialty interaction, serve as a resource of expertise in specific areas, enhance member participation and commitment to our organization, and integrate clinical groups within CHEST and the greater chest medicine community.

Q. What do Networks do?

A. Networks generate educational programs and products, address advocacy issues, and help shape public policy and guidelines, as well as serve as a source for expertise on selected topics. They are the gateway to involvement within our organization.

Q. How are Networks structured?

A. The structure of each Network includes a steering committee, a staff liaison, and general membership.

Q. How are Networks represented within CHEST?

A. Each Network has a 10-member steering committee with Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chairs of each Network comprise the Council of Networks. The Chair of the Council of Networks is the designated representative to the Board of Regents.

Q. How do Networks function?

A. Networks function through conference calls, face-to-face meetings, and electronically. Networks meet face-to-face once a year at the annual CHEST meeting. Continued interaction is very important to the function of Networks. Throughout the year, active ongoing communication and information dissemination is accomplished through electronic communication and personal interaction.

Q. When and how can I join a Network?

A. Join anytime! Join Networks or change your Network affiliation by logging into My Account on and indicate your preferences on the Networks page.