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Home-Based Mechanical Ventilation and Neuromuscular Disease


To promote knowledge and education of clinicians, caregivers, and patients on the long-term respiratory care of individuals with neuromuscular conditions and individuals requiring home-based mechanical ventilation to maximize their quality of life and home-based living.

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CHEST 2021 NetWork Featured Lecture

Diaphragm Paralysis: Debates in Management

Presenter: Ashima Sahni, MD, FCCP

Margaret Pfrommer Endowed Memorial Lecture in Home-based Mechanical Ventilation
This award was established in 1999 by Dr. Eveline Faure and Dr. Allen I. Goldberg, honors their lifelong colleague and friend, Margaret Pfrommer, a polio survivor and patient advocate. It is awarded to a clinician, ventilator-dependent professional, or advocate, who has advanced mechanical ventilation and fostered partnerships between physicians and patients. 
The Margaret Pfrommer Endowed Memorial Lecture in Home-based Mechanical Ventilation is generously supported by International Ventilator Users Network of Post-Polio Health International and the CHEST Foundation.
Peter Gay, MD, MS, FCCP
Navigating to Home NIV Nirvana: What Would Margaret Do? 
  • This session provides a historical perspective on home non-invasive ventilation and how it has shaped where we are today while referencing Margaret Pfrommer's legacy.
Howard Panitch, MD, FCCP 
  • This session discusses several aspects of home mechanical ventilation where adult care has informed approaches to pediatric care and vice versa.
Douglas McKim, MD, FCCP
Saving Lives: One Ventilator at a Time - HMV in 2018 and Beyond
  • This session honors Margaret Pfrommer’s memory by including a brief historical perspective on HMV, Dr. McKim's personal introduction to HMV through patient stories as well as topics such as HMV in Canada, continuous NIV, LVR and MI-E research, weaning the ‘unweanable’ and suggestions about the future of HMV.

Check out the these ALS articles by our own steering committee member, Dr. Jason Ackrivo:


Michelle Cao, DO, FCCP
Liaison: CHEST 2021 Scientific Program Committee



Sherri Katz, MD, FCCP

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