CHESTBlogMeet the Faculty: Sleep Medicine Board Review 2023

Meet the Faculty: Sleep Medicine Board Review 2023


Meet the Faculty:
Sleep Medicine Board Review 2023

By: Katlyn Campbell
April 10, 2023

CHEST Board Review will bring top-tier faculty and learners together in Miami, Florida, for an intensive exam prep highlighting case-based questions and content matching the ABIM exam blueprint.

Get to know CHEST Sleep Medicine Board Review 2023 Chair, Carolyn D'Ambrosio, MD, FCCP, ahead of the in-person review, August 9 to 11. Read about Dr. D’Ambrosio’s teaching philosophy, why she’s excited for this year’s board review, and a fun fact about her.

Carolyn D'Ambrosio, MD, FCCP

Carolyn D'Ambrosio, MD, FCCP

Carolyn D'Ambrosio, MD, FCCP

Carolyn D'Ambrosio, MD, FCCP

Carolyn D'Ambrosio, MD, FCCP

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I became a member of CHEST in the late 1990s when I was a pulmonary and critical care fellow at Yale. Around 2003, I became a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians, and now I annually give talks at the annual meeting. I was involved with two NetWork Steering Committees—one in sleep medicine and the other on women's lung health. I now chair the Sleep Medicine Network. I have also been involved with CHEST Board Review since 2015, and I have worked on developing CHEST SEEK™ sleep medicine questions. I am a trustee on the CHEST Foundation Advisory Board. And, I am the Chair for the new Women in Chest Medicine group.

What is your teaching philosophy for Board Review courses?

I think the most important teaching philosophy for any educator is that one size does not fit all. We have to be engaging, and we have to make sure the information we're presenting is clear and concise. But we also have to deliver the material in different ways, whether that be question and answers or more interactive, small group sessions. Flexibility and having a tailored approach to the learner is super important.

What are you most excited about for board review this year?

I'm most excited that we're going to have one-on-one time with learners. Oftentimes during sessions, there are just a few minutes for questions, and people might not have understood something, or they had a patient who is a bit more complicated that they don’t want to discuss in front of the entire audience. Being in person will allow attendees to have a direct interaction with the faculty on things that are most important to them.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself or a favorite hobby?

My hobby is that I'm the mother of three kids, including a set of twins. And, my husband is a pediatric sleep specialist. We wrote a book together on infant sleep after our experience with our three kids. We were trying to look into what the data really shows. We wrote this book for the average person to read a little bit more about how to approach infant sleep, what to expect, what to do when your baby wakes up at night, and why babies wake up at night.

Join Dr. D’Ambrosio at the live Sleep Medicine Board Review course, August 9 to 11.