CHESTBlogAdd Hands-on and Interactive Learning Opportunities to Your CHEST 2023 Schedule

Add Hands-on and Interactive Learning Opportunities to Your CHEST 2023 Schedule

Add Hands-on and Interactive Learning Opportunities to Your CHEST 2023 Schedule

By: Katlyn Campbell
June 15, 2023

Get the most out of your time in Hawaiʻi. As part of the 300+ educational sessions you’ll find at CHEST 2023, you’ll find ticketed sessions for learners looking to attend smaller group sessions or experience hands-on learning.

Certain add-on sessions are only available to CHEST 2023 registrants. However, add-on Master Classes are available to both CHEST 2023 registrants and nonregistrants. Explore the many ticketed sessions, and sign up early in case they sell out.

Simulation sessions

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If you’re looking to gain hands-on exposure to equipment and tools that may not be available at your home institution, look no further than these simulation sessions. Choose from 25 different sessions offering firsthand experience with procedures relevant to your clinical practice.

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“It's a great opportunity to teach higher stakes procedures in a very low stakes environment where everybody's comfortable and everybody's learning from each other,” said Live Learning Subcommittee Chair, Nicholas Pastis, MD, FCCP.

CHEST 2023 simulation sessions will address clinical topics including endobronchial ultrasound, cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET), intubation and cricothyrotomy, bronchoscopy management, interventional pulmonology, and more. These sessions are taught by experts who use these real-world strategies in their daily practice.

CHEST 2022 attendee, Weston Bowker, MD, found value in the simulation courses he was able to attend in Nashville.

“It’s fantastic just to work with some of the leading experts in the field, especially from an interventional pulmonology standpoint. And you truly get a different experience than maybe what your home institution offers,” he said.

Problem-based learning sessions

Exercise your critical thinking skills by working to resolve real-world clinical problems during these small group sessions. Refine your expertise on topics like lung cancer screening and staging, biologics in asthma, pneumonia, and more.

“Problem-based learning courses take a clinical problem or case study that is somewhat controversial to create a learning environment where the problem itself drives the learning with participants,” said CHEST 2023 Scientific Program Committee Chair, Aneesa Das, MD, FCCP. “These are small group sessions where learners can actively participate and collaborate to discuss various perspectives on the issue and work towards potential solutions.”

This year's problem-based learning courses were chosen based on common controversies in chest medicine and current hot topics in medicine.

Dr. Das is excited for the Using CPET to Solve Your Difficult Cases course. "Cardiopulmonary exercise tests can sometimes be difficult even for seasoned physicians. This is always an amazing problem-based learning topic,” she added.

Meet the Professor sessions

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Connect with leading chest medicine experts during these limited-capacity discussions capped at 24 registrants per session. Meet the Professor attendees will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations on bronchiectasis, central airway obstructions, and obesity hypoventilation.

“Meet the Professor sessions are a unique opportunity to interact and learn from a leader in the field in a very small group setting on a high-yield topic,” said Dr. Das. “These sessions allow for a learning environment that is personalized and intimate.”

Gain actionable information that you can apply directly to your patient care. Explore all the ticketed add-on sessions, and then register for CHEST 2023.


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