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Stay on top of your practice, challenge your knowledge, and prepare for your board exam with the largest collection of SEEK questions ever offered. The CHEST SEEK™ Library combines pediatric pulmonary medicine, pulmonary medicine, sleep medicine, and critical care medicine in libraries of questions, answers, and explanations.

The CHEST SEEK Library can be accessed via mobile app and web browser. To access via mobile app you have to download the CHEST App for Android or Apple.

  • Subscriptions are for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Question topics are based on the American Board of Internal Medicine exam blueprints - search by taxonomy or key word

Comprehensive CHEST SEEK Library

Member Price: $449.00

List Price: $649.00

CHEST SEEK Full Library
  • Includes pulmonary, critical care, sleep, AND pediatric pulmonary medicine question banks
  • More than 1,000 questions from nine SEEK book editions (and a cost savings of more than $1,000 vs print book purchases!)
  • More than 200 CME/MOC available
  • 10 CME/MOC per 40 questions answered

Member Price: $399.00

List Price: $549.00

Critical Care Medicine Library subscription: $399.00 / $549.00

Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Library subscription (nonCME): $149.00 / $199.00

Pulmonary Medicine Library subscription: $399.00 / $549.00

Sleep Medicine Library subscription: $399.00 / $549.00


Choose from:

Critical Care
485 questions* | up to 75 CME/MOC available
*300 questions eligible for CME/MOC

Pediatric Pulmonary
95 questions | no CME/MOC available

Pulmonary Medicine
480 questions | up to 120 CME/MOC available

Sleep Medicine
230 questions | up to 57.5 CME/MOC available

10 CME/MOC available per 40 questions answered


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