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Taking Care of Your Team During COVID-19 Webinar

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Strong teamwork is important in any modern health-care environment. Health-care teams in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine have faced a wide variety of new challenges caring for patients with COVID-19, forcing innovative and creative solutions to support their consistently high performance.

Join us as we talk with an interprofessional panel of experienced managers about strategies to both maximize team performance and support individual members during the ongoing pandemic and methods to rapidly and effectively train and integrate new health-care workers during times of surge.

Webinar Objectives

The objectives of this webinar and the following webinars in the CHEST Wellness Series are as follows:

  • To incorporate deliberate, proven strategies—including mindset training and resilience—to support our highly trained health-care teams and ensure they sustain their high level of performance throughout the marathon that they face in the coming months.
  • To deliver a focused mindset with resilience training to keep busy health-care providers at their highest performance.

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