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Introduction to the New Health Policy and Advocacy Committee

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JUNE 2020

Introduction to the New Health Policy and Advocacy Committee

The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) and the National Association of Medical Directors of Respiratory Care (NAMDRC) merger has occurred amid unprecedented events worldwide. The members who are usually participating in advocacy activities may be focused elsewhere, yet the times call for awareness of current and post-COVID-19 legislation and regulations related to pulmonary, critical care, and sleep issues. As the profession transitions to a new normal and priorities for advocacy activities continue to be identified and addressed within the CHEST bailiwick, Washington Watchline will provide reliable guidance to members from their professional society on where efforts will best be placed.

The newly formed standing CHEST Health Policy and Advocacy Committee (see Box) will drive CHEST’s advocacy agenda. The committee’s stated purpose is to assist CHEST Leadership and the Board of Regents in developing and implementing CHEST’s health policy positions, setting CHEST’s advocacy agendas in the legislative and regulatory arenas, engaging with policymakers as directed by the Board of Regents, and educating CHEST members on governmental affairs relevant to CHEST’s mission.

HPAC objectives will first be brought to the appropriate CHEST stakeholders for comment and input, refined, and then brought to the Board of Regents for approval. The Committee will keep the Board of Regents advised of its activities, and of all other matters under its consideration. The Committee also solicits the views of the membership-at-large through regular communication as facilitated by CHEST staff.

In this and the next few issues of Washington Watchline, we will provide key information on the structure and introduce you to the members of the HPAC. We will explain how decisions will be made and how you can best interact and support the HPAC’s efforts. And we will introduce you to a revised publication that continues the tradition that was so well established by former editor James Mathers, MD, FCCP.


Introduction to the New Health Policy and Advocacy Committee

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