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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Jason Poston, MD, discusses the definition of ARDS, how to diagnose a patient with ARDS, and treatment paths.

Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Ronald Grossman, MD, FCCP, discusses the importance of pathogens in CAP and identifies the long-term implications of pneumonia and the impact of therapeutic recommendations.

Hospital-Acquired and Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Ronald Grossman, MD, FCCP, defines HAP and VAP and identifies useful preventive measures, the value of diagnostic procedures, and the impact of therapeutic recommendations.

Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure

Curtis N. Sessler, MD, FCCP, examines the causes of hypoxemic respiratory failure; reviews the clinical features and diagnosis; and explains management strategies for acute lung injury, including mechanical ventilation.

Mechanical Ventilation

Curtis N. Sessler, MD, FCCP, deconstructs mechanical ventilation, discussing components, breaths, and modes and addresses other topics, including complications, liberation from ventilation, and noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation.


Kathryn A. Hibbert, MD, describes the different types of pneumonia, diagnostic strategies to consider, risk factors for drug resistance, and approaches to treating patients.


Krysta Wolfe, MD, teaches the different shock evaluation algorithms based on patient’s shock type and management techniques for patients with shock.

Shock, Sepsis, and Hemodynamic Monitoring

Steven Simpson, MD, FCCP, discusses the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of shock and sepsis and evaluates the assessment of the critically ill patient with the use of hemodynamic monitoring.



NEJM Group COVID-19 Rx - Treatment Simulations

NEJM Group COVID-19 Rx: Treatment Simulations

Engage in five new treatment simulations from NEJM Group that range from a mild, self-limited, flu-like illness to life-threatening multiorgan failure. Virtual patients await your care. Once in the patient room, you must gather data, develop a differential diagnosis, order tests, and treat the patient. Each case has different underlying diseases and outcomes when replayed, providing the opportunity to experience a broad spectrum of COVID-19 disease presentations.


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