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Back to Bedside With 1-Minute Preceptor on Assessment and Feedback

The importance of bedside teaching in medical education has been recognized for more than a century. Unfortunately, with obligations of documentation, clinical revenue generation, and other time factors, the frequency and consistency of bedside teaching have decreased significantly. New learners who are not exposed to bedside teaching will be limited in how effectively they will be able to provide this mode of teaching to their learners. We must break this vicious cycle.

In this webinar, Jean M. Elwing, MD, FCCP, and Bhavin Dalal, MD, FCCP, discuss the importance of bedside teaching and show you a few ways by which you can resume bedside teaching quickly and effectively. The panelists share the following information to facilitate increased teaching at the bedside:

  • Increase awareness of unique benefits of bedside teaching for the development of clinical, social, and leadership skills.
  • Review opportunities for real-time feedback that bedside teaching affords.
  • Discuss components of effective feedback.
  • Recognize pitfalls that may lead to harmful feedback.

Tips to Making Your Teaching More Interactive—Bite-sized Learning

Saadia A. Faiz, MD, FCCP; Bhavin Dalal, MD, FCCP; and Kanta Velamuri, MD, M. Ed., FCCP, share tips on how to incorporate technology into your teaching, team-based learning, flipped classrooms, teaching to different learning styles, and the art of questioning.

Teaching the Teachers: The Role of Objective, Structured Teaching Simulations

CHEST / APCCMPD Symposium: Best Practices in Faculty Development

Learn about the benefits and types of objective, structured teaching simulations, and how to design your own for more effective teaching.

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Sample Case-Based Discussion Presentation

This sample case-based discussion provides learners with tips for designing effective presentations including how to effectively use images and text for easy comprehension.

View Case-Based Discussion Sessions: The PFT Challenge


Effective Use of Performance Objectives for Learning and Assessment

Teacher & Educational Development, University of New Mexico School of Medicine,

Learn the basics of Fink and Bloom Taxonomy and how to apply them when creating learning objectives that are attainable and targeted to the audience’s desired level of learning.

View Effective Use of Performance Objectives for Learning and Assessment


Introduction to Learning Theories

This module covers how to design medical education curricula based on different learning styles and learning theories.

Download Introduction to Learning Theories (PowerPoint)


Gamify Your Teaching

Gamification Model