Thomas Fuhrman, MD, MS, FCCP

Thomas Fuhrman, MD, MS, FCCP

Read through a Q&A with CHEST Critical Care Network Member-at-Large, Thomas Fuhrman, MD, MS, FCCP.

March 12, 2023

Where do you work?
I recently retired from Bay Pines VA in St. Petersburg, Florida.

What are your research interests and how does this apply to your position within the Networks?
Respiratory care, mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring, critical care medicine education.

How did you become interested and involved in the Critical Care Network?
I got my Masters in Intensive Respiratory Care and boarded in Anesthesia/Critical Care Medicine. I did surgical research for 4 years after college and spent time in the ICU as a technician on several projects. I just loved the atmosphere. I later worked on the National Board for Respiratory Care as an American Society of Anesthesiologists Liaison and worked directly with physicians from CHEST who often looked at things from a different view than I did as an anesthesiologist. So, I just figured I needed to know what they knew, and I joined CHEST and kept evolving my interests into leadership opportunities.

Are you involved in any other activities or volunteer positions at CHEST?
I have been a faculty member for the Airway Management Domain Task Force at CHEST for many, many years. I have reviewed abstracts for at least 20 years and often moderate sessions at CHEST Annual Meetings. I have also been past Chair of the Respiratory Care NetWork Steering Committee and Council of NetWorks and past member of the Critical Care NetWork.

What clinical research is most interesting to you right now?
Airway management.

What are your hobbies?
Golf, family, traveling. (See you in HAWAIʻI!)

What is something you cannot live without (after family and friends)?
Reading and eating!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your Network peers?
There are so many opportunities to be involved; take advantage as often as you can. The rewards are just fantastic!



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