CHESTThought Leader BlogSharing Gratitude for Our Volunteers This Volunteer Appreciation Week

Sharing Gratitude for Our Volunteers This Volunteer Appreciation Week

With today serving as the first day of Volunteer Appreciation Week 2023 during my presidential year, I wanted to take a moment to say how appreciative I am of each and every one of the volunteers of the American College of Chest Physicians.

If you give your time to the organization, you are making a true difference and helping all of us accomplish so much to advance medicine and improve patient care. Whether you volunteer to serve on a committee for a major initiative or have contributed a piece of writing for a CHEST blog, it’s wonderful and is greatly appreciated.

There is a lot I want to accomplish in my presidential year, and none of it would be possible without the support of the most involved members of the organization. This year, I ask that you take a moment to give yourselves a pat on the back for all of the work you’ve done and continue to do for CHEST. I will also encourage you to share with your colleagues – especially those newer to the specialty – what volunteering with CHEST means to you. Every one of you sets a superb example for involvement and it is my hope that we can encourage more of our members and prospective members to actively engage with the organization as you have.

Thank you for all that you do. Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week.

CHEST President Doreen Addrizzo-Harris, MD, FCCP

Doreen Addrizzo-Harris, MD, FCCP