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Pulmonary Diseases in Pregnant Women Jeopardy!

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Pregnancy is marked by unique physiological changes that impact pulmonary diseases. Specifically, pregnancy may lead to changes in the presentation, outcomes, and management strategies of frequently encountered pulmonary disorders in the outpatient clinics. Concerns over medication safety in pregnancy and lack of detailed knowledge of pregnancy-related physiological changes pose challenges in the diagnosis and management of common outpatient pulmonary disorders in pregnancy. This game will address key concepts in the outpatient diagnosis, outcomes, and management during pregnancy of the following categories: sleep disorders, pharmacotherapeutics, asthma, infections, vascular diseases.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize key concepts of pregnant female outpatient diagnosis.
  • Recall proper management of sleep disorders for pregnant women.
  • Understand suitable management of pharmacotherapeutics for pregnant women.
  • Understand management of asthma for pregnant women.
  • Recall appropriate management for infections in pregnant women.
  • Recognize proper management of vascular diseases in pregnant women.

Publication expiration date: August 30, 2025

Item Number: PulmDisPW.1

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