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CHEST Journal Highlights

The Relationship Between Asthma and Cardiovascular Disease: An Examination of the Framingham Offspring Study

By: Matias E. Pollevick, BS; Kevin Y. Xu, MD, MPH; Grace Mhango, MPH; et al
April 2021 Issue
Using Framingham Offspring Cohort data, the goal of this study was to longitudinally examine the association between asthma and lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease while controlling for cardiovascular risk factors included in the Framingham Risk Score.

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Air Pollution and Asthma: Mechanisms of Harm and Considerations for Clinical Interventions

By: Paul E. Pfeffer, PhD; Ian S. Mudway, PhD; and Jonathan Grigg, MD
April 2021 Issue
This review article provides an improved understanding of causal pathways linking air pollution to asthma development and exacerbation.

Benralizumab for Prednisone-Dependent Eosinophilic Asthma Associated With Novel STAT3 Loss of Function Mutation

By: Adil Adatia, MD; Christopher J. Allen, MB; Joshua Wald, MD; Carl D. Richards, PhD; Susan Waserman, MD; and Parameswaran Nair, MD, PhD
April 2021 Issue
This case report describes the demonstration of an IL-5 driven eosinophilia associated with a STAT3 mutation that was treated successfully with an anti-IL5 biological.


Do airway epithelial methylation profiles affect expression of distant cis-genes in patients with asthma?


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  • Conducted genome-wide expression quantitative trait methylation (eQTM) analysis in children (aged 9-20 years) with Puerto Rican ethnicity
  • Gene Ontology Enrichment analysis was conducted for the top 500 eQTM genes, and mediation analyses were performed to identify paths from DNA methylation to atopic asthma through gene expression


Airway epithelial image 
  • Most eQTM methylation probes were distant (average distance = ~378 kb) from their target genes and also more likely to be located in enhancer regions of their target genes in lung tissue than control probes.
  • The top 500 eQTM genes were enriched in pathways for immune processes and epithelial integrity and more likely to have been previously identified as differentially expressed in atopic asthma.

Distant epigenetic regulation of gene expression in airway epithelium may play a role in atopic asthma.


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CHEST Journal Podcast

Adherence to Asthma Biologics: Implications for Patient Selection, Step Therapy, and Outcomes

Matthew A. Rank, MD, and Richard W. Costello, MD, join CHEST Podcast moderator, Dominique Pepper, MD, to discuss implications for patient selection, step therapy, and outcomes for adherence to asthma biologics.

Moderator: Dominique Pepper, MD
Panelists: Matthew A. Rank, MD, and Richard W. Costello, MD

Also available:

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Air Diver: Severe Asthma

Explore six animated patient cases surrounding the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of severe asthma. Test your severe asthma knowledge by answering multiple choice questions to best treat each patient. Each correct answer will earn you points and give you a chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

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Patient Information

Being diagnosed with severe asthma can stop your patients in their tracks. Share the CHEST Foundation’s severe asthma patient resources with your patients and their support teams to help them navigate the journey through their diagnosis by providing real stories from people who have been there.

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Severe Asthma: Infographic
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Asthma Infographic

Managing Your Asthma
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Questions to ask your doctor

Questions to Ask Your Doctor
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e-Learning Courses

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Difficult and Severe Asthma: A State of the Art

This on demand course covers the impact of asthma on morbidity and how health care utilization increases exponentially with severity.
CME/MOC Available: 4.0 CME credits and MOC points


Severe Asthma Spotlight

Learn about updated guidelines for the treatment of severe asthma, areas of clinical uncertainty, selection of biologicals for treatment, and new developments in diagnosis and assessment.
CME/MOC Available: 4.0 CME credits and MOC points


Pulmonary Update and Literature Review

Leading experts review the published literature and provide updates on treatment options in eight important pulmonary topics.
CME/MOC Available: 8.0 CME credits and MOC points

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News From CHEST Physician

Asthma-COPD overlap linked to occupational pollutants

The development and worsening of overlapping asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be affected by pollutants found in rural and urban environments.

Asthma not an independent risk factor for severe COVID-19, hospitalization

What’s more, allergic asthma actually decreased the risk of hospitalization by nearly half.

Frequent medication refills show some patients not achieving asthma control

Some patients with asthma had two or more refills for prescribed systemic corticosteroids or short-acting beta agonists within a period of 12 months.


Get evidence-based information for enhancing patient care with this guideline and expert panel report from CHEST.

Managing Chronic Cough Due to Asthma and NAEB in Adults and Adolescents

COVID in Focus: Perspectives on the Literature

Are asthma patients at increased risk of complications from COVID-19-related respiratory disease? CHEST’s Airways Disorders NetWork explores the evidence.



Asthma Sessions at CHEST 2020

Couldn't attend CHEST Annual Meeting 2020? We have the next best thing! Gain access to all of the recorded sessions from our meeting with this unique collection that includes hours’ worth of the latest presentations from some of the top clinicians and researchers in chest medicine, including:

  • Treatment of Severe Asthma: Updates From the Guidelines
  • Beyond Spirometry: New Developments in the Diagnosis and Assessment of Asthma
  • Evolving Paradigms in the Selection of Biologicals for Severe Asthma
  • Treatment of Status Asthmaticus


CHEST Annual Meeting - COPD

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