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CHEST Journal Highlights

The Impact of Asthma on Mortality in Patients With COVID-19

By: Wil Lieberman-Cribbin, MPH; Joseph Rapp, MPH; Naomi Alpert, MS; Stephanie Tuminello, MPH; and Emanuela Taioli, MD, PhD
December 2020 Issue
In this research letter, the authors describe the prevalence of asthma in the Mount Sinai Health System COVID-19 registry and the association between a history of asthma and mortality.

Expression Quantitative Trait Methylation Analysis Reveals Methylomic Associations With Gene Expression in Childhood Asthma

By: Soyeon Kim, PhD; Erick Forno, MD, MPH; Rong Zhang, PhD; et al
November 2020 Issue
Nasal (airway) epithelial methylation profiles have been associated with asthma, but the effects of such profiles on expression of distant cis-genes are largely unknown. In this study, the authors seek to identify genes whose expression is associated with proximal and distal CpG probes (within 1 Mb) and to assess whether and how such genes are differentially expressed in atopic asthma.

Differential Effect of School-Based Pollution Exposure in Children With Asthma Born Prematurely

By: Jonathan M. Gaffin, MD; Marissa Hauptman, MD, MPH; Carter R. Petty, MA; et al
October 2020 Issue
Asthma or asthma-like disease is highly prevalent in children born prematurely; however, it lacks the typical features of high rates of atopy or family history that characterize childhood asthma. In this research letter, the authors aimed to test the hypothesis that exposure to poor indoor air quality disproportionately affects asthma morbidity in children born prematurely.


Relationship Between Maternal Distress and Asthma

Does maternal distress predict atopic dermatitis and asthma in childhood?

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Associations between maternal distress and childhood asthma and atopic dermatitis were determined with multiple logistic regression.

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Asthma at 7 years was associated with maternal prenatal distress and late-onset postpartum distress.


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Patient Information

The CHEST Foundation’s asthma patient education resources empower patients to engage in better management of their health. Share with your patients.

Living Well with Asthma

Living Well With Asthma
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Asthma Infographic

Asthma Infographic
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Asthma Myths Busted

Asthma Myths Busted
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e-Learning Courses

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Severe Asthma Virtual Patient Tour

Learn about the treatment modalities, various biologic agents, and other methods of therapy for patients with uncontrolled and severe asthma.


Respiratory Devices to Manage Obstructive Lung Disease

This on demand learning activity instructs participants on the proper use of devices that deliver medications for treatment of obstructive lung disease, including asthma.


Severe Asthma Fellows Course Highlights

This free course contains relevant presentations from respected leaders in severe asthma and is targeted toward physicians-in-training who specialize in this area.

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News From CHEST Physician

Sandra G. Adams, MD, MS, FCCP

Severe Asthma: Changing the Game

By: Sandra G. Adams, MD, MS, FCCP
In this supplement to CHEST Physician, Dr. Adams investigates difficult-to-control vs severe asthma, T2-high inflammatory endotype, T2-low endotype, biologic therapies in severe asthma, and treatment follow-up and assessment.


Get evidence-based information for enhancing patient care with this guideline and expert panel report from CHEST.

Managing Chronic Cough Due to Asthma and NAEB in Adults and Adolescents

From the CHEST Foundation

Negin Hajizadeh, MD

Grant winner aims to improve asthma management
Every year, the CHEST Foundation awards funding to clinicians for community-based research projects. Learn about Dr. Negin Hajizadeh's work to develop targeted asthma education tools for the Hispanic community in New York City.



Asthma Sessions at CHEST 2020

Couldn't attend CHEST Annual Meeting 2020? We have the next best thing! Gain access to all of the recorded sessions from our meeting with this unique collection that includes hours’ worth of the latest presentations from some of the top clinicians and researchers in chest medicine, including:

  • Treatment of Severe Asthma: Updates From the Guidelines
  • Beyond Spirometry: New Developments in the Diagnosis and Assessment of Asthma
  • Evolving Paradigms in the Selection of Biologicals for Severe Asthma
  • Treatment of Status Asthmaticus


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