CHESTTopic Submission Process

Topic Submission Process

The Guidelines Oversight Committee is not accepting topic proposals at this time. Please email with any questions.

To continue to create high quality, relevant guidelines CHEST relies on the input and commitment of members, volunteers, leaders, and staff to define and pursue those opportunities. Topics can be submitted for consideration in the development of future guideline, consensus statement or hybrid documents. Proposals for new or updated guidelines or portions of guidelines (PICO questions) may be submitted at any time for review and potential resource allocation on a continual basis. 

Proposed clinical topic areas that meet the following criteria will be prioritized for development:

  • Practice and/or health outcome can be significantly improved by the application of evidence-based statements to clinical practice
  • A sufficient established body of published evidence exists on which to base the guideline
  • Wide variability exists within practice
  • Considered controversial
  • High global, public health, and/or economic impact 
  • Treatment or diagnostic strategies have evolved
  • Reflects the constituency of CHEST and cross over to various disciplines of CHEST
  • Potential involvement of other organizations at various levels of engagement

Additional Information About Topic Submissions