CHEST Guideline Submissions

CHEST relies on the input and commitment of members, volunteers, leaders, and staff to define and pursue opportunities to create high-quality, relevant guidelines. Those who submit topic proposals will be considered for Chair (or a panelist) of the proposed guideline, subject to qualifications and conflicts of interest review per CHEST policy.

Submissions for preliminary topic proposals are now closed.


Airway Disorders
Chest Infections
Clinical Pulmonary
Critical Care
Interstitial Lung Disease
Interventional Pulmonology
Sleep Medicine
Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Thoracic Oncology


Next steps for accepted topic proposals

Submitters of preliminary topic proposals that are determined by the Guidelines Oversight Committee to be of highest priority will be invited to submit a full guideline proposal. The full proposal will ask submitters to identify the goals and objectives of the guideline, a list of proposed questions (in PICO format) to be covered, and a proposed guideline panel that represents the diverse backgrounds and experiences of key stakeholders in the clinical topic. In addition to the overall priority of the topic, submissions meeting the following criteria will be prioritized for selection:

  • Clear goals and objectives that are aligned with the mission and vision of CHEST guidelines
  • Appropriate project scope that can be completed within the target time frames (18-24 months for a clinical practice guideline, 12-18 months for an expert panel report)
  • Guideline questions that outline a clear population, intervention, comparator, and outcomes in the recommended guideline format
  • Lack of existing or ongoing guidelines in the topic area (CHEST or non-CHEST) or prior guidelines requiring need for updating due to new evidence
  • Proposed panel that represents CHEST’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

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Topic submission timeline

March 31, 2023

Preliminary topic proposals due

May 8, 2023

Invitations to submit full guideline proposals sent

June 30, 2023

Full guideline proposals due

September 1, 2023

Final guideline topic decisions made

January 2024

Guideline development begins

December 2025

Anticipated guideline completion