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Clinical Pulmonary

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Guidelines and expert panel reports

Respiratory Management of Patients With Neuromuscular Weakness (March 2023)

Managing Cough as a Symptom in Children and Management Algorithms (July 2020)

Managing Chronic Cough due to Asthma and NAEB in Adults and Adolescents (July 2020)

Life Threatening and Non-life-threatening Complications Associated with Coughing: A Scoping Review (June 2020)

Acute Cough Due to Acute Bronchitis in Immunocompromised Adult Outpatients (May 2020)

Chronic Cough Due to Stable Chronic Bronchitis (February 2020)

Diagnosis and management of cough

This CHEST guideline series provides recommendations to aid clinical decision-making for the diagnosis and management of cough across disciplines and also identify gaps in knowledge and treatment options.

Clinician tools and materials


Guideline authors share context and commentary related to issues and challenges facing clinicians.

Management of Cough: Overview of CHEST Guideline and Expert Panel Report (October 2014)
Moderator: D. Kyle Hogarth, MD, FCCP
Participants: Richard S. Irwin, MD, Master FCCP; Tamara Pringsheim, MD