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Lung cancer guidelines Guidelines and Expert Panel Reports

Screening for Lung Cancer

This clinical guideline and expert panel report contains 16 evidence-based recommendations and an update of the evidence base for the benefits, harms, and implementation of low-dose chest computed tomography screening.

This 2021 guideline updates some of the prior recommendations in the 2018 version of the lung cancer screening guideline.

Diagnosis and Management of Lung Cancer

This CHEST guideline series presents recommendations for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with lung cancer, covering the full spectrum of care from initial evaluation to palliative and end-of-life care. Additional recommendations include screening, chemoprevention, and treatment of tobacco use in patients with lung cancer.

Clinician Tools and Materials


CHEST hosts a discussion with the authors upon release of a guideline, to add context and commentary to the issues and challenges facing clinicians.

Highlights of the ACCP Diagnosis and Management of Lung Cancer Guidelines, 3rd Ed (May 2013)
Duration: 33 min
Moderator: D. Kyle Hogarth, MD, FCCP, Podcast Editor, CHEST
Participants: W. Michael Alberts, MD, FCCP; Frank C. Detterbeck, MD, FCCP

Staging Lung Cancer Website

Developed in accordance with the CHEST guideline on lung cancer and in partnership with the Smilow Cancer Center Hospital at Yale-New Haven, this site features a Staging Calculator. This interactive tool is designed to address the complexities of the 7th edition lung cancer stage classification system in a clinically relevant format.

The Staging Calculator builds on information from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, the International Union Against Cancer, and the American Joint Committee on Cancer by coupling classification information with a library of images that provide a more thorough understanding of the nuances of this disease. 

Visit to use the calculator and enhance your knowledge of the latest staging system.