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Annual Awards

Annual Awards

CHEST annual awards recognize CHEST members through their individual contributions and dedication to the organization, leadership, and commitment to the chest medicine profession.

CHEST 2022 nominations are now closed.

Annual awards

College Medalist Award

The College Medalist Award is a long-standing CHEST tradition. On June 17, 1945, the Board of Regents authorized the awarding of a College Medal to be presented at the annual meeting and international congresses for meritorious service in furthering progress in the field of disease of the chest. The awardee is usually a clinician, author, teacher, or investigator.

Awarded to a CHEST Fellow (FCCP) for meritorious service in furthering work in chest medicine to honor a clinician, author, teacher, or investigator.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is conferred as appropriate to a CHEST Fellow (FCCP) who has held a leadership position in CHEST and has led significant society achievements and/or has donated time, leadership, and service to CHEST.

Master FCCP

Masters Fellows are national or international Fellows of CHEST who have distinguished themselves by attaining professional preeminence. Because of their personal character and leadership; extraordinary contributions to medical research, clinical practice, quality improvement, or medical education; and years of enduring and outstanding service to CHEST, they have advanced chest medicine. This service to our organization is not limited to leaders of CHEST; it may include exceptional achievements in advancing our mission through consistent contributions to its educational programs and/or to the journal CHEST®, work on behalf of the CHEST Foundation, advocacy on behalf of our patients and the profession, and/or elevation of CHEST’s role in the international scientific and professional community.